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What in the World Are They Spraying
Those white streaks trailing behind aircraft, from horizon to horizon, turning the sky into a murky haze, are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but who is doing this and why? A new industry called Geo-engineering, driven by governments, scientists, and corporations, is intent on changing climate and con-trolling weather, supposedly for the good of mankind. (More)

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2012 NOVEMBER 17 – 23

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Gaza cease-fire is broken by Israelis who killed a Palestinian man and injured 10 others when they entered a no-go zone that the men expected to be non-restricted after the truce.
NBC News 2012 Nov 23 (Cached)

The US military is funding computer software called Mind's Eye that connects to surveillance cameras and predicts when people are about to commit a crime. [This is reminiscent of the movie, Minority Report, in which people are punished before committing a crime rather than after. Also on the horizon are killer robots that decide who and when to kill.] DailyMail 2012 Nov 23 (Cached)
Designs for new law-enforcement vehicles include unmanned, computerized drones that can stop cars remotely with an electromagnetic pulse. [They also are being designed to "engage" a target, which is a euphemism for "disable or destroy".] InfoWars 2012 Nov 23 (Cached)

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued a declaration that, in effect, makes him an absolute dictator. [Claiming to be acting to 'defend the constitution,' Morsi decreed that his laws and declarations may not be overturned until a new parliament is elected. Meanwhile, most of his political opponents are being removed from the government. The new constitution is expected to be to Morsi's specifications.] RT 2012 Nov 22 (Cached)

Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch correlates spikes in air pollution to simultaneous spikes in water pollution (arsenic, barium, aluminum, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron and lead) which appear to be caused by chemtrails. [This short video includes a series of statements by renowned geo-engineers who speak about the advantage of spraying these metallic particles into the stratosphere to alter the weather. It's not hard to connect the dots.]
2012 Nov 22

US: Congressman Patrick Leahy has re-written his bill, called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. [It was supposed to protect Americans' Internet accounts, but now allows 22 federal agencies to access emails, Google documents, and social-media messages without a warrant. Even the Federal Reserve will have that power. The bill is expected to go to vote next week.] Activist Post 2012 Nov 21 (Cached)

US: The Freedom of Information Act request for disclosure of Obama's secret 'cybersecurity' directive has been denied by the National Security Agency. [The reason given was that, to do so, would cause "exceptionally grave damage to national security." That is the standard answer for withholding any information the government wishes to conceal.] RT 2012 Nov 21 (Cached)

US: New tax law will make it nearly impossible to pass on a farm or business to your children. [Next year, the 'death tax' will rise from 35% with a $5-million exemption to 55% with a $1-million exemption. Most family owned farms and businesses now will have to be sold by heirs to pay the tax.] Economic Collapse 2012 Nov 20 (Cached)

Three journalists were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza. Israel claims they were terrorists working for Hamas. [Israel also destroyed a Russian TV station several days prior. Any reporting that is critical of the Israeli action in Gaza is not tolerated.] Global Post 2012 Nov 20 (Cached)

Financial expert Eric Sprott says that the physical gold in Western central banks likely is gone due to selling it into the market to keep gold prices low and to continue the illusion of stability. [This is a must-watch!]
USA Watchdog 2012 Nov 19

US: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says that the debt ceiling should be changed to infinity. [The so-called debt ceiling has never been taken seriously. Congress always raises it whenever it wants to; so, for all practical purposes, it doesn't exist even now. Officially removing it would be but a formality.] CNS News 2012 Nov 19 (Cached)

Islamist rebel groups in Syria are questioning the authenticity of the new Western-backed coalition. [They recognize that the U.S. is the main source of funding and direction of the new coalition and are leery of being used to bring about a new puppet regime beholden to Western powers.]
NY Times
2012 Nov 19 (Cached)

California Highway Patrol camera records officers using a Taser gun on a woman, sending her into cardiac arrest. [Aside from whether or not this woman's behavior warranted the use of a taser, the bigger issue is that tasers are potentially lethal weapons that can interfere with the heart rate especially when shot in the chest.]
CBS Los Angeles
2012 Nov 19

Orlando, Florida: Two weeks ago we reported that a man was ordered to remove his front-yard vegetable garden because it violated local ordinances for appearance. [Later, the city said its concern was that runoff could harm the local lake's water quality, affecting "sustainability", which is an Agenda 21 buzzword. However, due to public outrage, the city now is considering changing its policy.] Political Outcast 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Obama to release his secret cyber-security directive. [It is feared that this directive includes deployment of military within the US without congressional approval, which would be in violation of federal law.] Press TV 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

The Obama Administration and the Department of Interior want to x-ray people and their cars at US land borders. [This is not backscatter technology but x-rays strong enough to penetrate both sides of your car, passengers within it, and produce an image on a sensor on the other side. Powerful radiation, indeed.]
Daily Kos Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

Georgia state politicians are being labeled as conspiracy theorists because they are showing an interest in learning about the origins and goals of the United Nations Agenda 21. [Local media has responded with a campaign to attempt to discredit them.] InfoWars Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

JP Morgan settled the Bear Stearns conviction of misleading investors about risky mortgage bonds for $296.9 million. In a similar but separate case, Credit Suisse settled for $120 million. [Neither company admitted wrong-doing, all those responsible for the fraud got off scot-free, the fines will be paid by stockholders, and the government collected another $417 million. Business as usual.] Reuters Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: 20 states are refusing to set up an insurance exchange in compliance with Obamacare. [The reason is, not that the politicians of those states oppose Obamacare or a government-run marketplace for insurance, but that the federal government will run it. They want to run it themselves. Socialized medicine at the state level would be better than at the federal level – but not much. It is unworkable in either case.]
Fox News Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

US: The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the federal agency that insures pensions for Americans, is running a $334 billion shortfall, which means it is woefully underfunded and unable to cover its obligation as a genuine insurer. [The agency has wanted to raise rates to private firms whose pension programs are insured, but Congress has not allowed that because (1) higher costs would push many employers into bankruptcy, (2) that would diminish the value of pension benefits to retirees, and (3) the move would be politically unpopular among corporate and union political donors. So the shortfall will continue to grow until the fund is called upon to pay out more than it has, at which time Congress will bail it out with tax dollars and inflation.]
Washington Post, Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

Florida police tasered an unarmed man who was trying to protect his house from a fire next door. Miami Herald Posted 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our "think-tank" section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Tony Cartalucci, writing in Activist Post, says the recent cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is part of a strategy by the US and Israel to weaken Syria. [The goal is to give credit for the cease-fire to Egyptian diplomacy and to build a credible "Saudi-Qatari-Egyptian-Turkey axis" to be called the "new Middle East." This coalition will be solidly aligned with the US and will work to isolate Syria. Interesting to say the least.]
Activist Post 2012 Nov 22 (Cached)

Exxon Mobile has one of the largest lobbying groups in DC. Why is it supporting a carbon tax? [Because Exxon is invested in natural gas and it wants to increases costs for its competitor, the coal industry, and knock it out of the market.] FreedomsPhoenix 2012 Nov 21 (Cached)

Chuck Woolery explains the importance of the Second Amendment and why gun control is a tool of tyranny. YouTube posted 2012 Nov 20

FEMA camp for victims of New Jersey Hurricane Sandy is a freezing tent city operated like a prison. Guards are everywhere, black helicopters patrol the sky, inmates even have to show ID to use the bathrooms. [Apparently, FEMA is following the rule book prepared for these camps which really are designed as prisons, not rescue camps. FEMA is spending $300 million per day on this operation and is asking Congress for a bailout to cover the cost – yet it is turning away food and water donations from the private sector. This article, written by Chuck Norris (the Hollywood karate star) is an eye-opener for things to come.] WND 2012 Nov 18 (Cached)

Glenn Greenwald, writing in the Guardian, says the US is not a mere helpless bystander in the Israel-Palestine conflict but that it is fully on the side of Israel. [Those who are concerned over Israeli aggression in Gaza – even those who support Israel in other matters – must realize that this is possible only because of US diplomatic, financial, and military support.] Guardian 2012 Nov 17 (Cached)

The Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) which insures bank deposits up to $250,000 will expire at the end of 2012. [If Congress does not renew it – and time is running out – $1.4 trillion in deposits likely will be removed from banks and converted into other types of investments. In that event, expect many small community banks to fail, resulting in the "too-big-to-fail" banks becoming even bigger.] Reality Check Posted 2012 Nov 17



Ray Bethell, from Vancouver, BC, is the best multiple kite-flyer in the world. Watch him control three kites in a ballet set to The Flower Duet from Leo Delibes' opera, Lakme, Click and enjoy.


Freedom Force
Some photos just have to be shared. Nature and animals are the greatest entertainers. If you see some you would like to share, please send them here.

Bayou. Click to enlarge


Freedom ForceUnfiltered News is as serious as it gets, but laughter is good for the soul and helps to keep our equilibrium amid the chaos. So, here are quips, gags, and images to put a smile on your face. If you have some you would like to share, please send them here.

An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years. He had a pond in the back that was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees.

One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over. He grabbed a five-gallon bucket to bring back some fruit. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond.

He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end. One of the women shouted to him, 'we're not coming out until you leave!'

The old man frowned, 'I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim or make you get out of the pond.'
Holding the bucket up he said, 'I'm just here to feed the alligator...'


             Flying saucer gag. Click and enjoy.

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2912 Nov 17 from Preston Fawcett
I had squash growing in a large portion of my front yard this last summer. These plant just grow right over everything. My neighbors thought it looked cool and now I have some winter sauash. This person may have a PR problem.


2012 Nov 17 from DJ Wolinsky
An "ordinance", as with any law is not black and white, at least until precedent is set. Any decent lawyer will successfully force the court to define what constitutes "ground cover to have a finished appearance" (especially if it can be decided by a jury of peers). If put to a vote I sincerely doubt the public would consider a garden as "unfinished appearance", and a judge would have to feel pretty invincible to countermand. It's a shame that it will probably need to be decided in the courts, but it would draw more attention to the shameless trampling of inalienable rights being perpetrated.


2012 Nov 17 from V Simmonds
Dear Mr. Griffin,
When it comes to putting gardens in our yards, especially street front view, I think it's better to use space out of sight from the street view, for the obvious reason that whatever you grow can be stolen right off the vine or bush no matter how attractive the plants may seem. And, I think vegetable plants are attractive! Yes, communities should decide how properties can be used and they should allow the home gardens. At some point, it might save Food Stamp dollars to allow them to do this.

Agenda 21 and their desire to return things 'to the wild' is ludicrous! They have no idea what they will be unleashing on civilization by doing this! Where I live, which is in town by the way, abuts with a mid-sized wooded area. These woods are undisturbed for the most part and house oppossums, raccoons, deer, birds, snakes, frogs, and all manner of 'wildlife'. Because the woods is undisturbed, the wildlife does not know their boundaries and come into our yards causing a lot of damage. The raccoon population far exceeds the food supply in this woods and it is common for the raccoons to raid our trash cans, move under our homes, and tear up as much as they can to build their own woodland homes. If Agenda 21 is allowed to go forward, then we will be allowing wildlife to go untended until it uses up those resources and comes looking for new ones. We have a huge population of coyotes here in Indiana, and they have been regularly sited in urban developments. They are hunting small domestic pets at this point, but can people be far behind?

2012 Nov 17 from Larry McDonald
This issue should be taken to a much much higher level. The theme is to end world hunger now. The growing of food should be done absolutely everywhere. It should be done under the banner to end hunger now. Get mayors of towns to say we are banding together to end hunger now. We are a nation of caring individuals and we will now allow growing of food everywhere. This idea would spread and change the world.


2012 Nov 16 from Dee Nicholson
Are you just accepting a projection as a final outcome, Ed? There are many, many unresolved questions around Prop 37... namely that there are over 2 million votes still uncounted, and the possibility of actual vote fraud is incredibly high. See Jon Rappoport's site for more, but this whole thing stinks, and bottom line, Monsanto et al were particularly dirty about the whole thing, committing two felonies along the way... which seems to be perfectly fine with all authorities.

We are well aware of the problems with Prop 37. Last week we published Jon Rappaport's article in Unfiltered News to to help call this issue to public attention. I personally cannot accept the officially announced outcome without being convinced that the uncounted votes would make no difference and that the counted votes were counted accurately, but that is not likely to happen, at least not this year. So, even though I do not automatically accept the honesty of the official tally, I reluctantly do accept the reality that most voters are content with the official verdict. Therefore, we skeptics are without sufficient force to challenge it. To be precise, I accept the fact that we lost this round – either fairly or by crook, I am not sure – but we lost it none-the-less. So now is the time to start preparing for the next round. With sufficient perseverance, we can get this measure back on the ballot at every election until, finally, public support is too strong to resist. Thanks for caring.


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There is a large granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, known as the Georgia Guide-stones. Who paid for it is a mystery. Inscribed on it are ten commandments, written in twelve languages, for what it describes as an Age of Reason. Many believe it is an agenda for the New World Order. The first commandment is: “Maintain human-ity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.” Since the world population now stands at over seven billion, that means the commandment calls for the elimination of 93% of the world’s population. It already has begun. (More)


Oklahoma City 1995
Plato explained in his Republic that a noble lie is a myth or untruth told by an elite to maintain social harmony. After viewing this documentary, you will understand that the official story of what happened in 1995 to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City is a noble lie of the highest order. The reason for this crime was to create a public backlash against those who are critical of government policies, thus silencing them for fear of being labeled as domestic terrorists. Here are the facts that support that conclusion. (More)

WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? Geo-engineering and Weather Control.
Why are we being sprayed? Answers: (1) Metallic nano- particles in the stratosphere make it possible to control the weather, which is a military priority for many countries. (2) Weather Derivatives are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as insurance against loss of crops due to bad weather. If you can covertly control the weather, you can make a fortune by always being right. Your friends who still think that chemtrails are just water vapor will be stunned by the revelations in this program. DVD. (More)

Silver Lungs

The Story of Vitamin B17

G. Edward Griffin
marshals evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra, caused by the lack of an essential food factor in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here is the answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox rejected this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics – based upon the economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. Sale now in progress. (More)

The Richardson Cancer Clinic
Experience, by J.A. Richardson, M.D. & Patricia Griffin, R.N. 62 case histories proving beyond any doubt that Laetrile (Vitamin B17) works in the control of cancer. These are not anecdotal stories or people who never had cancer in the first place. Each history is authenticated by a firm diagnosis and meticulous medical documentation. Includes a follow up 30 years after patients were diagnosed as "incurable," Proof is in the life-span of these people who, previously, had been told by their doctors that they had just a few months or weeks to live.
Silver Lungs

Membership lists for Bilderbergs, CFR, Skull & Bones, and The Trilateral Commis-sion. People speak of the “ruling elite” but seldom mention names. Well, here they are. Drawing from membership lists of the world’s most powerful and, in some cases, secret organizations, the names emerge in alphabetical order and cross-indexed by affiliation. Descriptions of each organization are included. Version 9 has been updated to include the most current information available. It would take years of research to duplicate this amazing compendium.. (More)

This is the story of a diagnostic tool called the Dark-field Microscope and how it is used to detect the early stages of blood clotting that, if untreated, can develop into poor circulation, heart attack, or stroke. It also shows what you can do about eliminating those clots without expensive drugs with dangerous side effects. $15. Order directly from the author by calling, toll-free: 1-888--220-7888.

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child. This is the story of one mother’s quest to find out why her happy, outgoing son committed suicide shortly after being placed on psychiatric drugs. She discovered that suicidal and homicidal impulses are well-known side effects of these drugs, yet psychiatrists claim they are safe. Once you hear what health experts, drug counselors, and doctors say, you will conclude that psychiatrists are dead wrong. DVD (More)

This documentary challenges the official version of Robert Kennedy’s assassination. 11
bullets were found that supposedly came from Sirhan Sirhan’s 8-bullet gun. The coroner found powder burns on RFK’s ear next to the fatal shot in the back of his head and testified that the gun had to be only 2 or 3 inches away for that effect, but that Sirhan fired his pistol in front of RFK and was 3 to 6 feet away. An expert on hypnotism, after hypnotizing Sirhan in prison, said he could have been programmed under hypnotism prior to the assassination? Astounding facts withheld from the jury, blatant forgeries, and destroyed evidence on the part of authorities add up to a world-class cover-up. (More)

G. Edward Griffin
This is the classic exposé of the Fed that has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. This new 5th Edition includes a no-holds barred analysis of bank bailouts under the Bush and Obama Administrations that are shown to be nothing less than legalized plunder of the American people. Many other updates have been added, including a revision to the list of those who attended the historic meeting at Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve was created. (More)

Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated dozens of times without anyone knowing it. In the last 100 years, dozens of doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession. This is the story of Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda all put together in a stunning overview that leaves no doubt that inexpensive cures for cancer do exist but are systematically blocked by Big Pharma because they come from nature and cannot be patented. (More)


The Matrix is one of the most talked about movies of recent time and is perceived by many as a metaphor of real life. Project Red Pill will rescue our fellow humans from the Matrix, allowing them to choose reality over delusion. The first step is to create a flow of information independent of mainstream media. Most people in the Matrix are wired up to television, so video is where we must start. (More)

It is common for health-conscious families to install chlorine-removal filters in their kitchens, but it has been estimated that we absorb more chlorine through our skin when taking a bath than we ever could from drinking water. That is because the body's skin surface is larger than the intestinal surface and because the lungs, too, are very efficient absorbers, and we inhale a substantial amount of chlorine gas while bathing. Benefits of de-chlorinated water are reduced exposure to toxic chlorine, healthier, younger looking skin; softer, more manageable hair; less fading of color-treated hair; relief from dry skin and scalp; and better lathering. Removes 90% or more of chlorine. (More)

Silver Lungs

A discourse by G. Edward Griffin
Without notes or preparation, Griffin fields questions about the United Nations, global warming, and how these topics are tied together. Here are some of the issues covered:
Is the UN our last best hope for peace or the foundation for global feudalism? Is the UN controlled by leaders of nations or by hidden structures and power brokers? If the latter, who are they? Are American elitists motivated by love of country, desire for international harmony, or something less admirable? Is it possible to get out of the UN, or have we passed the point of no return? With regard to global warming, what is Agenda 21? Is forced population-control justified to save the planet? Is the UN's report on global warming based on valid science? If not, then what? If the mission of the World Health Organization is not world health, then what? What are the IMF and World Bank and why should anyone care about them? What is the Freedom Force strategy for reversing the trend toward global feudalism? (More)

by “The People’s Chemist”, Shane Ellison, M.S. A former chemist for Big Pharma tells how drugs are highly toxic and, in many cases, cause greater illness than they alleviate. But the nutritional supplements sold in health-food stores also are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and are not the “natural” products we assume they are. Synthetic vitamins may be chemically similar to those in nature but they are devoid of the co-factors found in the natural state, and that means that vitamins in a pill are far less effective than in foods and herbs. This led Ellison to examine thousands of natural sources, to identify those that are loaded with complete nutrition. In the process, he found some that can produce astounding reversals of such chronic diseases as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer – all for under $10 for a 30-day supply. This book could save you thousands of dollars and may even save your life. (More)

The Secret Plan for World Domination.
This documentary provides the missing link for the truth about 9/11. The missing link is MOTIVE. If you cannot imagine why anyone would want to cover up essential evidence, then wonder no more. Taken from the words of the plotters themselves, you will come to understand that a terrorist attack was exactly what they hoped for to justify a massive military incursion into the Middle East, all of which was planned long before 9/11. You will witness decades of maneuvering for the control of oil and gas resources and see, first hand, incredible war profits on a scale much greater than ever before in history. Even if you are familiar with some of these events, this is the first time all of them have been brought together in one place. (More)

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A Discourse by G. Edward Griffin

The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve addresses such issues as: Who created the Fed? How is money created?
What impact has this had on the American Dollar? Should our currency be backed by gold or silver? Where does government get most of its funding? Why do bankers get away with it? What might happen if we continue on our current path? What might come from a return to constitutional money? (More)

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