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Screening of What in the World Are They Spraying! Cantact Larry Micol at (517) 206-6439

Nov 20, Toronto, Canada
Screening of What in the World Are They Spraying! Bloor Cunema. Info. here.

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Orange County Premiere of: What in the World Are They Spraying! Producers Griffin, Murphy, and Wittenberger will be present. Call Judy Rice (714) 761-1509.

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2010 NOVEMBER 6 – 12

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G20 leaders refuse to back the US demand that China stop expanding its money supply, which lowers the value of its currency. Uncle Sam does not like that because it makes cost of labor so low compared to the US Dollar that it pulls away American jobs, makes Chinese goods cheap, and increases the trade deficit. [It also impoverishes the Chinese working people, but that is not what concerns Washington. The US no longer enjoys the influence it had prior to destroying the value of its own currency in the same manner it now condemns China for doing.] Yahoo 2010 Nov 12 (Cached)
US: There is a looming crisis in teachers' pension funds, which already have a $500 billion shortfall. State and city pension funds (estimated at $1 trillion) also are without adequate funds to cover their obligations. [Why is this important? Because the shortfall will be paid by taxpayers.]
2010 Nov 12 (Cached)
Russia says it will build 5000 nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow by 2012. End of the American Dream 2010 Nov 11 (Cached)
EU President declares that nation states are dead. [If that is true, it is because globalists like him have killed them.] Daily Mail 2010 Nov 11 (Cached)

"Inheritable genetic modification" is a technique to modify genes in embryos to create specific characteristics in children. [This is a dangerous technology that could accidentally alter or destroy the human race but, at present, it has no serious opposition and is well funded.] Wise Up Journal 2010 Nov 11 (Cached)

US: Former President Bush (a Republican) says he would have endorsed candidate Obama (a Democrat) if they had asked him to do so. [Who are "they"? Leaders of the Republican Party, of course. Let's clarify this. The President of the United States does what he is told.] New American 2010 Nov 10 (Cached)
GM reports $2 billion 3rd quarter profit. The announcement coincides with its public offering of stock that it hopes will raise sufficient capital to repay its previous $50 billion bailout. [We sincerely hope that GM is not cooking the books to motivate investors to purchase its stock. Our skepticism, however, is well justified by past performance. We shall see.] Yahoo 2010 Nov 10 (Cached)

Ireland's economic crisis flares as investors dump bonds, which means they refuse to lend more money to the government. This is a close parallel to what happened previously in Greece and what likely will happen soon throughout Europe and in the US. MyWay 2010 Nov 10 (Cached)

UK Aristocracy still owns a third of British land. Corporations, in which they are heavily invested, own even more. [Under socialism or any other form of collectivism, the elite retain control, receive subsidies, and legally avoid taxes.] Daily Mail 2010 Nov 10 (Cached)
EU announces plans to bring all energy use throughout the continent under its control. The justification, as usual, is the myth of global warming. [The world's population increasingly is rejecting that myth, but politicians continue to perpetuate it because it is at the heart of their globalist agenda.]
Phys Org
2010 Nov 10 (Cached)

Mystery missile trail seen off the coast of Southern California, but no one claims responsibility. Two days later, the military said it didn't know what it was but reassured everyone it was just an airplane. [Let's see it we have this right: They don't know what it was but do know what it was not? Could be, but what kind of airplane starts from the ocean and shoots up into the sky? Or is that just an optical illusion? Perhaps it's an ad for our new DVD, What in the World Are They Spraying!] DailyMail 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)

US: Justice Department rules there will be no criminal charges against CIA employees who destroyed video evidence of torture. [They probably were promoted because, undoubtedly, they were following orders from above.] Reuters 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)
Chinese bond-rating agency downgrades US credit score from AA to A+ in response to the Fed's recent announcement that it will create an additional $600 billion out of nothing to pay its debts. [The Chinese correctly foresee that this will greatly devalue the purchasing power of US Dollars, which means Uncle Sam intends to repay bond investors with worthless money. We believe the US will retaliate by pressuring American bond-rating agencies to downgrade the credit score of the Chinese government.]
2010 Nov 9 (Cached)

Big Pharma to begin putting microchips into drugs. When activated by stomach acid, they will transmit radio signals to a receiver worn by the patient and then retransmitted to doctors. No tests will be done to see if materials used in the microchips will have side-effects. Natural News 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)
Argentina: Research scientist and his colleagues are attacked by a mob on their way to make a public presentation showing that birth defects may be caused by Roundup, the well-known herbicide produced by Monsanto. Observers reported that the mob had ties to local officials and agribusiness bosses. Police made no attempt to prevent the attack which resulted in serious injury to several members of the delegation. TruthOut 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)

Orange County, Florida: Barber shops are raided by sheriff SWAT teams because they do not have a license to cut hair. It takes 1,200 hours of so-called instruction and thousands of dollars to get a license. 1 in every 3 Americans now need a license from the government to earn a living. Eventually, everyone will. [Do you think there is something wrong with this picture? It's called collectivism.]
2010 Nov 9 (Cached)
US: Government dismisses claims made by FDA scientists who said they were pressured into approving medical devices against their honest judgment. [The so-called investigators didn't even contact some of those filing the complaint. Is anyone surprised? This usually happens when government investigates itself.] Yahoo 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)

US: Confidential Congressional document confirms that no one in the federal government ever checked to see if Obama was eligible to be President. Why not? Because, by law, no one was required to do so. WND 2010 Nov 8 (Cached)
US: 'Smart' meters that monitor energy usage and control appliances have reportedly caused illness from radiation in over 2000 people. Over two dozen California communities have banned them. Now the scramble is on to create new government guidelines that will declare them to be perfectly safe. [Our own take is that they probably are far less dangerous than cell phones, but the real issue is not their safety, but freedom to reject them for any reason.]
LA Daily News
2010 Nov 8 (Cached)

US: Three members of Congress vow to investigate 'Climategate' and the EPA's plan to regulate carbon emissions. (It already has 18,000 pages of new carbon-reduction regulations.) 50 Congressmen also are challenging the global-warming myth, so the alarmists are organizing a media campaign to overcome them. LA Times 2010 Nov 8 (Cached)


US: Presidential Committee investigating Gulf oil spill says BP did not reduce safety measures to save money. Critics point out that the government will be a defendant in future lawsuits, so it is merely protecting itself and its friends at BP, Halliburton, and Transocean. [No one is looking at the possibility that safety measures were reduced for reasons other than money, such as deliberate destruction of marine life as an excuse for UN control over oceans, lakes, and rivers. Crisis engineering has become a major political tool in the modern era, but no leaders in either major party will ask about this.] Yahoo 2010 Nov 8 (Cached)

Pacific Rim countries, including the US, China, Japan, and Australia, meet to create a so-called "free trade" zone that represents 44% of global trade. [As with NAFTA and CAFTA, this will be the opposite of free trade. It will involve accepting the jurisdiction of the UN's World Trade Organization and many new layers of trade regulation and control.]
2010 Nov 7 (Cached)

Chicago Climate Exchange (created to trade carbon units) closes in response to public opposition to cap-and-trade laws. Mainstream media fails to report this. [While the global warming myth has lost favor in public opinion, it continues unabated at state and local government levels.] Suite 101 2010 Nov 7 (Cached)
Venice, Louisiana, woman obtains a laboratory analysis of locally harvested shrimp and finds their shells and veins contain a toxic level of oil.  Government testers have claimed that the shrimp are safe, but they conveniently removed the shells and veins prior to the tests.
Project Gulf Impact
2010 Nov 6 (Cached)
Philadelphia Airport TSA bomb-appraisal officer was bored and planted cocaine-like powder on passengers as a practical joke. This occurred last January, but details were only forthcoming recently under the FOIA. Indy Posted 2010 Nov 6 (Cached)
Russian leaders are using the Internet to invite public comments on government policies. They claim it is a new trend toward "direct democracy." [It is a ploy to allow people to vent their anger and think they participating in decision making when, in fact, the forums are rigged. Most politically incorrect commentary is filtered out, and vote tallies are manipulated by the leaders. It is a perfect tool for collectivists, so expect to see more of this in every country.] CSM Posted 2010 Nov 6 (Cached)

ObamaCare insurance plan for those with pre-existing conditions fails because of high price ($400 tp $600 per month for those in their late 40s and 50s). The master planners expected 375,000 to enroll by end of year but, so far, only about 8,000 have done so. Posted Yahoo 2010 Nov 6 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our "think-tank" section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Silver is still an excellent safe haven for your savings, perhaps even better than gold. Here are the reasons. NeitherCorp 2010 Nov 12 (Cached)
The Federal Reserve latest round of quantitative easing (creating $600 billion out of nothing to pay its debts) will further devalue the US Dollar. Countries that previously were willing to purchase US bonds now have lost interest. Increasingly, only the Fed is left to create more and more money, as the economy begins its final plunge to the bottom. Economic Collapse 2010 Nov 9 (Cached)

UK: Police are using 3-foot-wide drones for rescues and surveillance, but there is a booming interest in "personal" drones as well. Privacy may never be the same again. Daily Mail 2010 Nov 8 (Cached)
Here is an excellent documentary, called End of Liberty, produced by the National Inflation Association. It covers a wide range of topics relating to where America is headed, why famine and economic collapse now seem inevitable, and how to prepare for it. Posted YouTube 2010 Nov 6

Dr. David Janda explains how health care will be rationed in 2013 and how the law requires that older people will be denied treatment. (The formula is: cost of care divided by number of years the patient will benefit.) Another requirement is that all treatments will be determined by a federal medical board. If a doctor fails to follow that treatment, he will be fined $100,000 for the first offense. For a second offense, he will be imprisoned. And there is more. You must see this. YouTube Posted 2010 Oct 30


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2010 Nov 4 from Valerie Murphy Greene
Oh my - this is such a long, long list. So how is it the federal government has, for many years, denied it is going on? Could it be.... they don't want to upset the apple cart by admitting they are poisoning us?


2010 Nov 5 from Tom Knapp
I have seen most of the videos from your site including being a Cherub for “What in the World are they Spraying” and I can hardly see another set of chemtrails here in Michigan without screaming from the rooftop. I have witnessed numerous incidents of these patterns all over Michigan over the past five or so years and have recently started taking pictures. It is very clear to me not just with the trails themselves but the skies in general are drastically different from just a year or two ago. I am sickened by this tragedy.

I have been an environmental advocate and outdoor enthusiast all of my adult life and I can’t help but wonder what is happening not only locally here to our Great Lakes and the vast wilderness in both the northern and lower peninsulas but world wide. I have spoken to folks from the pristine lands of Canada as well and they are not free from this invasion.

I want to thank you, Michael, and Paul for taking on this project. I think this is a tremendous documentary that will heighten awareness. Along with the copies I purchased, I will also accept your invitation to copy and distribute as many copies as I can. I am hoping to put many in the hands of voters come Tuesday.

Posted 2010 Nov 4 from Dan Happel
How about that; we won!!!! I am the newest elected member of the Madison County Commissioners. Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for supporting me during this campaign and for helping in so many ways. You are the reason I and Barack Obama. Just the fact that an outspoken constitutional and fiscal conservative like me could get elected tells me that people are ready to hear our message and want their liberty and freedoms back. It looks like our magnificent nation is ready for some "change" all right; why else would they elect Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate and wrest control of the House out of the hands of the "progressive Democrats". Thank God that Americans are finally beginning to wake up to the reality that we are losing our republic and are showing signs of fighting back.........let's hope it lasts.

I went to bed last night several hundred votes behind and awoke to a Madison County vote tally that showed I had lost to Ron Nye by around 120 votes. I talked to several friends and family members early this morning and told them that I had finished in second place. I left the house early for a morning meeting in Whitehall and a 10:00 dentist appointment in Three Forks. I stopped at the Harrison Post Office at around 11:30; on the way home, and Ingrid told me "congratulations". I said "what for" and she told me that the vote tallying machine had been down most of the night and had been giving faulty counts, so the Clerks Office had hand counted the paper ballots this morning and had verified that I actually won by 35 votes.

Now it's time for me to prove that your faith in me is justified and let's start taking our nation back......together! We've got a long and slippery slog ahead before things really start to turn around. There is no question in my mind that we can do it and make it last for our children and grandchildren if we just have faith in ourselves, faith in our nation, and faith in God. Thank you all again for your support, your effort on my behalf, and your undying faith in our great nation.....GOD BLESS AMERICA

Dan became a member of Freedom Force 8 months ago just about the time he was revving up for the campaign. This victory certainly qualifies him for the Freedom Force Hall of Honor, and that will be officially announced within a few days.


2010 Nov 4 from William
TO: G. Edward Griffin
An education in atmospheric science and aviation would go VERY far to clear up the confusion about the trails in the sky. These are NOT trails of chemicals used for ANY purpose. They are simply trails of frozen water vapor (man made clouds) created by steam from the jet engines encountering specific conditions. It bothers me that actual atmospheric scientists weren't consulted for your movie. The chemtrail hoax was designed to create the most panic possible knowing that certain individuals would accept the bad information as "fact", and run with it!

I'm sorry, but no one is "spraying" anything. And natural elements found on the ground come from natural sources/processes. Finding aluminum on a mountain top, then looking up and seeing the trails, does NOT tell you the source of that aluminum! It pains me to know that so many have fallen for this hoax. I hope that in time, those who have accepted the hoax as fact will take the time to learn the truth about the trails in the sky. There are so many actual problems that we shouldn't ignore. Focusing on "chemtrails" is a huge mistake when there are so many REAL problems to worry about.

(The next day, Nov 5, William sent us another email, as follows.)
I'm not surprised you didn't post my comment. Since I disagree with you and your uneducated (at LEAST in the areas of atmospheric science and aviation) friends, my post isn't permitted on your "unfiltered" site.

You're a convincing the audience of IDIOTS (chemtards). But to those of us that understand the facts, you are nothing more than another ignorant fool spreading nonsense in an effort to panic people about subjects they are unable to comprehend...just like you and your "friends". This spread of ignorance is disgusting, and I hope you pay the price for that you soon will. You will be exposed for the frauds...or people are! Stop pretending that you are educated enough about these subjects to dismiss the facts.. you certainly are not!

Hold your horses, William. I just saw your first insulting email a few hours ago. Believe it or not, I have other things to do than wait breathlessly for your opinion so I can immediately reply.

First off, when I publish something controversial, I expect to be challenged, so I am serious about my research. I don't claim to be infallible, of course, but I tell it the way I see it and offer my reasons and resources to check out. So, everyone knows who I am, why I have reached my conclusions, what I have done in the past, and my lifetime record in dealing with similar issues. I think it is fair, therefore, to ask you to identify yourself. Your email contains the word maxxewell. Does that mean your last name is Maxwell or close to that? Please tell me a bit about yourself, what you do for a living, and what special knowledge you have about atmospheric phenomena. Have you ever worked in this field? What have you published or taught on this topic? Why should anyone consider your opinion to be more valid than those who derive their views from mainstream media or government schools? Finally, would you mind if we published your email address or phone number so people can contact you who may want to tell you why they have a different opinion? Or do you wish to hide in anonyminity taking pot shots at me with no fear of having to publicly defend your position? I think people will take you more seriously if you tell us who you are.

It may surprise you to know that I agree with some of what you said. I agree that it would be helpful to have input from professionals in the field of atmospheric phenomena, but we are not enthusiastic about the opinions of those whose livelihood depends on government money or universities that, themselves, are dependent on such funding. We are equally skeptical about those working for or hoping to benefit from contracts with corporations that are positioned to make huge profits within the geo-engineering industry. In fact, we already have those people in our documentary and have given them ample time to state their case. In doing so, they have thoroughly discredited themselves. Why do we need more of these people when we already have the top men in that field?

On the other hand, if you can locate atmospheric scientists who are not tainted by the very industry we are exposing, please let me know so we can include them in any follow-up work we may do. At the very least, I would publish their analyses in Unfiltered News - yes, even if they do not agree with ours. All we ask is that they not be on the payroll, directly or indirectly, of governments or the geo-engineering industry. Fair enough?

Regarding the silly claim that what we now see in the sky is merely condensed water vapor, I urge you to take your own advice and do a little research. Apparently, you assume I never though of doing that; but, if you are interested, please read what I have published on that issue. you will find it here.

Another thing on which we agree is your statement: "Stop pretending that you are educated enough about these subjects to dismiss the facts. You certainly are not!" Look in the mirror, William.


2010 Nov 4 from Ken Perdew
Greetings Mr. Griffin!
Thank you so much for a well-done, informative, world-class documentary. We have been quite concerned about criminal emissions of poisonous material into our skies here in South FL, U.S.A. for several years now. As we travel around the state we notice they concentrate the poison aerosols over populated areas. A friend on staff at a local hospital agreed to provide us with info concerning Emergency Room visits for sore throats and respiratory ailments. Sure enough, each time we notice pronounced spraying of poisonous aerosols in the sky within 24 to 48 hours of the crime Emergency Room calls for sore throat and respiratory distress show a marked rise above average.

In my correspondence I often refer to chemtrail spraying as AN ACT OF WAR. What would be the result if a FOREIGN POWER were to send planes over the U.S., Russia, China or India and start heavy spraying of TOXIC CHEMICALS? It would be labeled an ATTACK by CHEMICAL WARFARE. The planes and megatons of poisons are Weapons of Mass Destruction, able to DESTROY human lives, animals, crops and natural flora & fauna over the entire Earth. There is no way governments are unaware of these WAR CRIMES. The attack planes should be forced to land, the poison chemicals confiscated for evidence and everyone involved ARRESTED.

Can it be stopped? It MUST. Any other outcome is unacceptable. Mankind has to be made aware of the extreme DANGER, and every resource available to free citizens must be brought to bear to fight it. We will continue to do all we can in our humble way to overcome megalomaniac MONSTERS who are poisoning our planet.


2010 Nov 3 from Davif Stefansson
Hello there, My name is David Stefnansson and I live in Iceland, I have noticed these chemtrails up here, too. And there was also some stuff in the news recently about Boeing testing some new planes here for some unknown reason, and I think they are spraying with them. What can i do to help?

GEG'S REPLY: The first step is to build a critical mass of indignation and opposition, so become part of the Coalition Against Geo-Engineering (CAGE) and help us cage this beast. signup here.


Being informed is not enough.
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A discourse by G. Edward Griffin
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G. Edward Griffin
marshals evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra, caused by the lack of an essential food factor in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics—and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. This is the most complete and authoritative treatise available on this topic. (More)

This New York Times Best Seller is a data mine of scientific facts showing that global warming is not caused by human activity but by solar activity and cosmic radiation – and the cycle has been occurring for millions of years. The recent rise in temperature has created the most ideal climate for civilization that Earth has ever experienced. The next cycle will be colder and much less beneficial for mankind. (More)

A Discourse by G. Edward Griffin

The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve addresses such issues as: Who created the Fed? How is money created?
What impact has this had on the American Dollar? Should our currency be backed by gold or silver? Where does government get most of its funding? Why do bankers get away with it? What might happen if we continue on our current path? What might come from a return to constitutional money? (More)

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