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2010 Aug 27–29
New Hampshire

5th annual Live Free or Die Rally. Details here.

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Head of Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health says 2009 swine flu pandemic was a hoax by pharmaceutical companies and the UN's WHO to make vast profits while endangering public health. Prison Planet 2010 Feb 4 (Cached)

NY Attorney General files lawsuit against Bank of America and its top execs for deceiving shareholders and taxpayers during acquisition of Merrill Lynch. "This was an arrogant scheme hatched by the bank's top executives who believed they could play by their own set of rules."  2010 Feb 4 (Cached)

US: Following the lead of the FBI and CIA, now local police want backdoor access to citizens' private emails - to prevent crime, of course.
2010 Feb 3 (Cached)
US: A giant piece of the puzzle is revealed regarding the Flight 253 underwear bomber. The witness who saw the suspect with a sharp dressed man before the flight believes him to be a U.S. agent. Here are his reasons. Lew Rockwell  2010 Feb 2 (Cached)

Two Canadians are paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome after taking the H1N1 vaccine. Doctors say the benefit of the vaccine outweighs the risk. However, swine flu is not as harmful as normal flu. That means there is NO benefit at all.
Digital Journal
2010 Feb 2 (Cached)

Denver school system, with federal funding, will vaccinate 4,000 children with 5 vaccines, including H1N1. This is a pilot program leading to mass vaccinations across the U.S. That's one way to get rid of the vaccine stockpile no one wants. 2010 Feb 2 (Cached)

Blind and crippled from birth, boy achieves excellence at the piano and (with the help of his father) even plays trumpet in a marching band. If you feel overcome by limitations and bad luck, you need to watch this. YouTube Posted 2010 Feb 2


US: Obama announces $8 billion in "stimulus" money (to be paid through inflation) for high-speed trains. This is part of a plan to separate people from automobiles so travel options can be controlled by government. This article explains why it is doomed to become a financial boondoggle.
InfoWars 2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

UK: Formerly secret British and American document shows that the plan to overthrow Saddam Hussein existed 2 years prior to invasion. It did not mention WMDs. The Independent 2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

Peace-Prize winner Obama wants additional $192 billion for war, mostly for escalating the war in Afghanistan despite its unpopularity.
MSNBC 2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

US: Collectivist elitists call for more government control over the Internet. Microsoft exec says people should have a license to publish on the web just like they have a driver's license. InfoWars 2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

Pentagon's "Black Budget" tops $56 billion in addition to the cost of conventional weapons and personal. This is for projects that not even elected representatives are allowed to examine.
  2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights to sue US and Britain for dropping over 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs, which caused cancer and birth defects. Chemical warfare is in violation of international agreements. Press TV 2010 Feb 1 (Cached)

Nine candidates in Vermont are running for office on a platform calling for secession from the Union. A recent poll shows they have significant voter support. Time 2010 Jan 31 (Cached)
Louisiana State Senator's office was burgled by 4 political "activists" who planted illegal listening devices. They were trained by the CIA, and one was identified as an Operations Officer of the Dept. of Defense Irregular Warfare Program all in the name of national security, no doubt.
2010 Jan 30 (Cached)
Japan: Thousands protest for removal of U.S. military bases and 47,000 troops stationed there.
Daily Mail 2010 Jan 30 (Cached)

US: New Hampshire local politicians, business owners, and residents have banded together to call for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. They are convinced that the previous investigations were cover-ups. Keene Sentinel 2010 Jan 30 (Cached)


U.S. government commits $63 billion (that it does not have but will take from its citizens) to a UN program to reduce population. It is the brainchild of an elite group that includes Gates, Rockefeller, Oprah, Soros, Bloomberg, and Turner.
New American
Posted 2010 Jan 30

New study shows that anti-depressants are no more effective than placebos (dummy pills). In fact, they may be worse. Researchers and doctors who cite this study have had their jobs threatened.  Newsweek Posted 2010 Jan 30 (Cached)

US: Genetically modified forests are planned for Southeastern states. The plan is sponsored by Monsanto (which will have a monopoly on seeds) and paper companies (which will have cheaper fiber). Will this destroy native pines? No one really knows or seemingly cares.
Scientific American
2010 Jan 29 (Cached)

California politicians say free parking is a menace to the environment because it encourages people to drive instead of using public transit or walking. Collectivists are determined to limit use of private automobiles. The environment is an excuse. The objective is control of population movement. 
LA Times Posted 2010 Jan 30 (Cached)


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Posted 2010 Feb 5 from YouTube and
This is a great little musical parody. You'll love it. Click here.


2010 Jan 26 Posted Feb 4 from Linda Opelske
Hello Mr. Griffin,
I am a bit concerned about the reasons for The Creature from Jekyll Island becoming a best seller and sold at Borders, of all places. It might be a tad optimistic to think that 'main stream America is waking up.' I find that the mainstream for many reasons doesn't dig enough to find answers and seem to only believe what is put out there or allowed to be published. In other words, they didn't believe it in the past, but they now do. Why? Because Borders or the Times or Newsday or any other rmainstream media says so? Of course, I am making a generalized observation, but it does make me wonder.

Can all the latest 'exposure' of the history of the Federal Reserve be just for show, and what we are really experiencing is the beginning of an international or global money reserve? It would merely have the appearance of doing away with one private organization, while creating another of the same ilk. Think global taxes, global this, global that - all for the betterment of a global society and helping 'victims' and the ever-increasing 'minority'-victim groups.

Hello Linda.
I would share your concern except for one very important fact. The reason The Creature from Jekyll Island has become a best seller in some of the branches of major book stores has little to do with the bookstores themselves. It is the result of customer demand. We have never been able to convince the chain stores to stock the book in anticipation of sales. Over time, however, as a result of literally thousands of customers placing special orders for one book-at-a-time, they finally realized (or their computers did) that this book truly was in demand. It is being stocked now only because of its sales record, not in any way the result of a decision by store management to "create" a best seller. Nevertheless, I believe that your observation about preparing the public for the next stage of global, fiat money is right on target. Thanks for writing.


Watch this one make a tool and use it expertly. Click here.
YouTube Posted 2010 Feb 5.


2010 Feb 3 from Lindy Marrington
Dear Ed,
I majored in Marine and Plant biology through the University of California system. That was 30 years ago. I have always stayed abreast of anything that has to do with the and/or create fear and if that means hyping up global warming then I would not put it past them. I am also aware that the planet is changing naturally, i.e. the entire solar system is apparently going through changes.

However, it cannot be good for the planet or the air surrounding it to have all the toxic wastes that are emitted on a daily basis in vast quantities. The amount of pollution is huge and how can it not affect the climate?

It disturbs me that you choose to negate it so much that you seem to swing to the other end as if all the pollution being dumped into the system doesn't matter at all and has absolutely no affect on the environment whatsoever. Just the fact that one can actually see pollution hanging in the air and floating in the water tells one's common sense that these chemicals must be altering the balance of the planet.

Perhaps I am not understanding your perspective, but the tone puts me off. I am an avid fan of yours and this is the only stance you have that really does not set well with me. For whatever it is worth, I just thought I would dialog with you.

Hello Lindy.
I regret that you have a wrong understanding of my stance on global pollution. I am in total agreement with your concern over the effect of toxic pollutants in our environment and have stated so on many occasions. It is true that most of my published comments on this topic have focused on the myth of global warming, because that is where most of the political action is focused. Cap-and-trade taxation is moving forward under the banner of global warming, not global pollution; so that, of necessity, has been our priority. However, please do not think that I have taken sides with the polluters. I have been outspoken against pollution for many years, and I believe this is a proper area of government regulation, because it is related to the protection of human life.

You will find my views on this, published in 2008, on the Freedom Force web site in an article entitled What about Global Pollution? Here is the link. Thanks for caring about the environment.

Thank you for the clarification. Your stance makes more sense to me now.


2010 Feb 3 from Don, Fargo, ND
Mr. Griffin,
Just wanted to pass on a note about the recent DVD...The Fall of America and The Western World. I received it the other day and proceeded to watch it in it's entirety.... You did a great job, and the overall video set was quite good. I thought they could have been a bit more suggestive on what the general person should do to better protect themselves if things play out like it seems they will... that was a bit vague. But overall,it was definitely worth it. I'm sure myself and Cathy will watch it many time over. Again, great job.


2010 Feb 2 from Gary Fryer
I would like tomake a couple of comments from a farming point of view. The Carbon Credit issue, genetic seed issue, and other limiting issues should be a red flag to all farmers and ranchers. The cost of electricity for running pumps, etc, will skyrocket as admitted by Mr. Obama. Negative publicity has always clouded the genetic issues yet environmentalist lawmakers seem to speak out of both sides of their mouths when these issues are addressed. It has been suggested that as costs rise and fines are imposed the money could be diverted toward developing more efficient cars etc. This does NOT return money created from fines back to the consumer. The consumer continues to pay higher prices while the auto manufacturers benefit from additional income that came from pollution fines. I won't go into the falsity of Global Warming that promotes all of this.

In any case, my expenses would soar. I would have to produce food or animals that have fed on untested genetically altered grasses which are already known to cause problems in lab animals, and I would more than likely not be able to recoup my expenses. In short, thousands of small farmers will go out of business and the masses in society will slowly diminish. Food and other expenses will be so extravagant that family size and world population will be reduced which is most likely what elitists are striving for.


2010 Feb 2 from Manuel
Yes, most of the politicians in Congress are corrupt and taken over by special interests. If we change them all, we may be back at the same spot if the new ones are corrupt as well, but maybe a certain percentage of the new ones will not be, and that is an improvement. Surely kicking most of the incumbent will be a good start. At worst back to the same mess, but maybe not so bad. So it will probably be an improvement.

Now what is wrong with introducing principles into the equation? Nothing wrong I imagine? So Pat N, instead of accusing Ed of fearing competition, why not step for a moment outside your own box? And consider that good ideas may sprout better ideas. So take the ball Ed is throwing at you, do some constructive criticism, focus in what the best end result is, and RUN with the ball instead of rejecting the pass? Don’t you agree that stating the fundamental principles of freedom, as Ed suggests, would improve your project? Conversely, don’t you agree that your project without stating principles is a bit weaker than with?

Accusing someone of fearing competition when that someone has Ed Griffin’s curriculum shows a defensive attitude. You obviously mean well, and so do the Goooh folks, (unless they have already been infiltrated by the political handlers which may happen). The principle clause will put you one step further into the objectives you have in mind and show the voters a better picture of the candidate.

Politics is taking mankind into chaos simply because it puts the END with precedence over the MEANS. We were all taught that to keep the MEANS pure and ethical was the way to go. And that is what principles (like the Constitution) do,…keep us in focus.. So yes, I too, like Ed Griffin, am sure your project will be much more significant if each candidate has to adhere to The Creed of Freedom, or state that he does not. The people elected by that mechanism will have a “contract” which is more binding than otherwise.

That is unless Goooh does not adhere to The Creed of Freedom which would be nice to know.


2010 Jan 31 from Jeroen Nouwens
Dear Mr. Griffin,
I want to thank you for your excellent educational contributions. Your lectures, speeches, all the articles on Freedom Force, and the fine documentaries have done a lot to open my eyes. I have yet to read or, for that matter, buy The Creature from Jekyll Island, but it’s on the top of my list.

For me personally, my journey into The Reality Zone didn’t start immediately after 9/11 (I was barely twenty back then). It sadly took a few years more, when I finally found out that the Web offers a lot more videos besides ugly accidents, death, and porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everything has its value. Anyway, in those days, I used the Web mainly to search for information related to literature, but I rarely delved into political stuff, except when, for example, I read Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. (More)


2010 Jan 31 from Bill Horn:

I don't know if you saw the Grammy's on Sunday night, or if you were as offended as I was, but I feel they have overstepped their boundaries... and I let them know. I wrote:

I have never written to the Recording Academy before... but after watching the first 30 minutes of the Grammys tonight, I am moved to do so. First, I was somewhat offended when the opening act theme was "The Fame Factory". This was an obvious fact, but I found it in very poor taste and actually arrogant (as only the Academy could tell us what to like). Then, during Beyonce's performance, New World Order "Nazi-like" Gestapo-dressed dancers came out, and I was totally offended. This to me smacks of conditioning of the masses to accept a "coming soon to your neighborhood" Police State. In the times we live in where Big Brother is increasingly encroaching on America's civil rights and our Freedom to think clearly, your show reeks of Militarism and Corporate Fascism. Your Academy holds so much influence over pop culture that you should be ashamed of these "embedded and subliminal" messages to young people. How dare you treat our youth with such contempt.

Please return to your senses and promote a more peaceful message of tolerance, love and understanding, and downplay your role as "Hit Makers".


2010 Jan 29 from David-Earle
Ed ...
Your gracious posting of my song last October added to the over 100,000 hits on my various internet "widgets" floating around the internet. Thank you for that! I recently added images and created a video that brings home the message of the music and lyrics.
Here's a link to the YouTube site.


2010 Jan 29 from Chris Balow
Hello Mr. Griffin,
I discovered the website you've constructed around Freedom Force International a few days ago, and have been voraciously devouring the materials contained therein. I must say, I am in agreement with everything your group represents, and look forward to patterning my future activities on the defense of freedom. Happily, I've located a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island, and will be reading it over the next few days. I do wonder about something, though.

In reading some of the “collateral issues” referenced on the website's right side, I came across a short piece you wrote, entitled “Is there a Black-Ops cabal, even more powerful than government, using technology from alien civilizations?” On that topic, you wrote about Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and concluded that, in spite of some inevitable obfuscation by infiltrators, Greer's assemblage had answered your original question in the affirmative.

Throughout your writings and lectures, the nefarious tactics and goals of collectivists are discussed at length and yet, tucked away in a small corner of the Freedom Force website, I find you stating that, not only have these collectivists captured almost every position of power in modern society, but for fifty years they have been: a.) using extraterrestrial technology, b.) in contact with extraterrestrial life forms, or c.) both. If we proceed with that assumption, is it not a revelation of stunning import? Doesn't it have massive implications with regard to your research into the tactics and goals of our social power structures?

As far as I can tell, none of your other materials deal with the subject of UFOs, which is leaving me a bit confused. If it is not too much trouble, could you further expand your views on this topic?

Hello Christopher.
The answer is simple: Although I am convinced by the evidence, I cannot say that the case is 100% closed. There is a big difference between being convinced and being absolutely certain. I have not had personal experience in this (although, on two occasions, I did travel to Area 51 to see what I could see - which was not much), so I must rely primarily on the testimony of witnesses. Witnesses, of course, present a mixed bag of credibility. Some are outright frauds; some are suspect; but some are credible, especially those who come from responsible positions in the military and government. Those are the ones who gathered together and created The Disclosure Project, and I find their stories convincing.

However, I realize that the same testimony that is convincing to me may not be convincing to others. Furthermore, there are those who have a mind-set that would prevent them from being convinced regardless of the evidence. They have made up their minds, and that's that.

If we were to add the extraterrestrial question to issues associated with Freedom Force or Unfiltered News, it would repel many who, otherwise would be with us. Therefore, we focus on those things for which we have absolute proof of what we say. The battle between individualism and collectivism essentially would be the same with or without extraterrestrial contact; so we have chosen to stay close to the battle line.

I am delighted to learn of your affinity to the mission of Freedom Force and look forward to welcoming you to our ranks.


2010 Jan 29 from Sterling D. Allan, CEO, New Energy Congress
Hi Mr. Griffin,
I heard your brief statement on Coast-to-Coast last night about the re-confirmation of Bernanke as being a good thing since it would have only been a token gesture. I disagree. It would have sent a powerful message to the P2B that the public is awakening and is not going to take it any more.

Good point, Allan. If I had been given more time to discuss this on the air, I would liked to have brought that up; but, as you know, I was limited to two minutes. I think my main point, however, is still valid, which is that Bernanke would have been replaced by just another lackey of the banking cartel, and nothing would have changed except the public would have the misconception that their indignation over the Fed was producing results. As long as the public tolerates the existence of the Fed at all (regardless of who currently is hired to carry out its policies), the "we won't take it anymore" rhetoric will be hollow, because the public will, indeed, continue to take it without even knowing it. And THAT is the message that would have been sent to the elite who understand the game so well. Yet, I do agree with your enthusiasm over the fact that the slumbering giant of public opinion is beginning to awake. Now, if we can just get him to understand what (not who) is causing his pain, the rest will be easy. Thanks for writing.


2010 Jan 26 from
The controversy that followed the publication on our website of an article entertaining the possibility that the earthquake in Haiti was caused artificially, calls for clarification. Yes, seismic weapons do exist and the United States, among others, have them. Yes, the U.S. military forces were pre-positionned to be deployed to the island. These facts are not conclusive in themselves but they certainly warrant heightened scrutiny into this matter. (More)
The controversy that followed the publication on our website of an article entertaining the possibility that the earthquake in Haiti was caused artificially, calls for clarification. Yes, seismic weapons do exist and the United States, among others, have them. Yes, the U.S. military forces were pre-positionned to be deployed to the island. These facts are not conclusive in themselves but they certainly warrant heightened scrutiny into this matter. (More)


2010 Jan 25 by Chuck Baldwin,

People of goodwill everywhere are rightly sympathetic to the plight of hundreds of thousands of innocent Haitians in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake that rocked the island country. Private donations and volunteer efforts are pouring into Haiti from all over the globe—especially from the United States. This is a good thing, right? So, why am I troubled?

Simply put, I cannot remember such an all-out "relief effort" by our nation's military and government forces following a natural disaster anywhere—ever! Not even New Orleans, Louisiana, and surrounding Gulf Coast communities here in the homeland received the kind of attention from Washington, D.C., that Haiti is receiving. (More)


Posted 2010 Jan 25 from Fox News
Judge Napolitano presents five short but highly informative videos about the U.S. Constitution and the political foundation of the American Republic. They don't teach this is school any more, so if you know anyone under the age of 40, you might suggest they take a look. They will be glad they did. (Click here)


"Fear the Boom and the Bust,"

2010 Jan 25 from Cassandra
Believe it or not, here is a pretty good rap video made by George Mason University economist and Planet Money friend, Russ Roberts, and Spike TV executive producer and self described "amateur economic junkie," John Papola. It is making it's worldwide debut today on All Things Considered with a little help from Alex Blumberg. As Roberts and Papola describe it:

"In Fear the Boom and Bust, John Maynard Keynes and F.A. Hayek, two of the great economists of the 20th century, come back to life to attend an economics conference on the economic crisis. Before the conference begins, and at the insistence of Lord Keynes, they go out for a night on the town and sing about why there's a "boom and bust" cycle in modern economies and good reason to fear it.

"The music video may not be ready for the MTV crowd just yet, but thanks to a chance encounter with pop star Ke$ha at our studio here in New York, it now has some street cred. As Ke$ha says, "it's legit, it's really good rapping."

You can watch it here:


2010 Jan 22 from T.J.
I watched a short video on the website and think we should put this guy up on Unfiltered News. Goooh stands for Get Out Of Our House and refers to organizing a massive political movement to replace every member of Congress with someone new. what do you think?

I hate to sound a sour note; but, in my opinion, this is a terrible waste of time, effort, and money. It scares me, too, because it appeals to a large number of people who are attracted by the militancy of the message but who have insufficient information to analyze its dangers. Most people are not interested in analysis. They are just fed up with the status quo and want change. They are not overly concerned with what KIND of change so long as the villains in office are swept out
with a big broom. They seldom look closely at who is pushing the broom. That's how Obama was elected. In fact, that's how most politicians in our modern day are elected.

What we are witnessing is the beginning of a pendulum swing back in the direction of the Republican Party. Whoever becomes the Republican front runner will deliver pretty much the same "change" message that recently put Democrats into office; and, unfortunately, most voters will fall for it again. As with GOOOH, the battle cry will be to throw the rascals out, little more. That is how the political manipulators, who control both major parties, keep the people in bondage while allowing them to choose which master they want for the next four years.

What a pity that is. It’s the old, OLD story of fighting against something without having goals or principles of our own. Collectivist politicians will have a field day with GOOOH. They will check off favorable answers on the candidate questionnaire with no intent of sticking with their choices. Everything mentioned in the questionnaire is a specific issue, very much like a political party platform. There are no principles anywhere to be discussed or agreed upon. With issues, there are always justifications for changing one’s position based on
pragmatic options. Issues are always changing. Principles never change.

Most voters have no well defined political principles, which is the reason they elected the current vultures who are in office now. If they elected criminals before, why would they not do the same again - and again - and again? There is little evidence that they have learned anything except that they hate the politicians they elected last time.

Without principles as a means of evaluating candidates, voters will continue to be putty in the hands of political pros. The real problem is not who is in office but who elected them. Until the electorate becomes better informed and acquires political principles, they will rush from one villain to another, from one corrupt political party to another - forever.

There is nothing to prevent political pragmatists from using GOOOH to get into office, condemning the status quo all the way, but fully prepared to continue business as usual once elected. An Obama clone wearing an elephant button would look like a great champion of "change" and “take-our-country-back” with this movement. It is a perfect setup for a neo-conservative come back. Collectivists on the right (and the left) will do well with this movement.

What principles should be at the root of realistic reform? That's easy. They are found in The Creed of Freedom (here). If The Creed became the ideological gyroscope of GOOOH, then I think it could become a powerful force for good. However, without such principles, there can never be true political reform.

2010 Jan 22 from Pat N.
Mr. Griffin,
Have you ever been to a meeting where the process of selecting candidates through the GOOOH process is demonstrated? I don't see how you could say what you said in your long criticism of GOOOH if you had ever actually participated in it. There is AMPLE provision for learning plenty about a person's character and stand on the issues after NINE other people have interviewed that person ... at EVERY step in the selection process within a precinct (where people interested in politics tend to know each other anyway), a district, and on through the multiple sessions it takes to select a candidate. That process happens over and over and over again.

Also, the candidates who are chosen sign a legal agreement whereby they are BOUND to vote as they said they would vote on their questionnaire. This will be advertised when it comes time for campaign ads.

So I really can't understand where you are coming from on this ... unless you look at them as "competition" in some way. It's high time that those of us who are REALLY interested in LIBERTY learn to work together instead of tearing each other and each other's organizations apart. That, for sure, will NOT work for our benefit and to preserve our freedoms.

Hello Pat.
It is true that I never have been to a meeting where GOOOH candidates have been selected. However, I am not persuaded that the candidate-interview process or the binding agreement has much to do with the establishment of clear political principles. What are the principles of those doing the interview? What are the principles of those drafting the questionnaire? Does anyone know? Are they truly safeguards against a continuation of the bi-partisan treachery that has been going on for decades? If so, why not state what they are and get on with it? The answer, I fear, is that there are no real principles associated with this movement, so none can be stated. This is made painfully clear on the GOOOH web page that describes the candidate questionnaire. It says:

“The Candidate Questionnaire will allow you to document exactly how you would vote if selected to serve as your district's representative. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, and GOOOH does not suggest what the answer to any of the following questions should be … and the answer will likely be different in every congressional district.”

I rest my case. This is NOT the way to take back America.

By the way, I am a strong advocate of competition. I would love to have this group take the lead in the movement to restore the principles of freedom to our political system. If it did, I would firmly embrace it and lend my full cooperation.

Thank you for caring and taking the time to write.


                Being informed is not enough.
               Freedom Force awaits you here.
               Freedom Force

A discourse by G. Edward Griffin
Without notes or preparation, Griffin fields questions about the United Nations, global warming, and how these topics are tied together. Here are some of the issues covered:
Is the UN our last best hope for peace or the foundation for global feudalism? Is the UN controlled by leaders of nations or by hidden structures and power brokers? If the latter, who are they? Are American elitists motivated by love of country, desire for international harmony, or something less admirable? Is it possible to get out of the UN, or have we passed the point of no return? With regard to global warming, what is Agenda 21? Is forced population-control justified to save the planet? Is the UN's report on global warming based on valid science? If not, then what? If the mission of the World Health Organization is not world health, then what? What are the IMF and World Bank and why should anyone care about them? What is the Freedom Force strategy for reversing the trend toward global feudalism? (More)


The presidency of Barack H. Obama. This program is about America’s economic/political decline at the hands of global elitists who now dominate its government, media, banking system, and major political parties. If we are to break the grip of this cabal, the American people must know who these people are and how they operate. This program has excellent production value and will keep you riveted. However, its primary value is, not as entertainment, but as an encyclopedia of facts and insights needed for realistic action to RESTORE the Republic once again. DVD (More)

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Over-The-Counter Natural Cures
by “The People’s Chemist”, Shane Ellison, M.S.
A former chemist for Big Pharma tells how drugs are highly toxic and, in many cases, cause greater illness than they alleviate. But the nutritional supplements sold in health-food stores also are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and are not the “natural” products we assume they are. Synthetic vitamins may be chemically similar to those in nature but they are devoid of the co-factors found in the natural state, and that means that vitamins in a pill are far less effective than in foods and herbs. This led Ellison to examine thousands of natural sources, to identify those that are loaded with complete nutrition. In the process, he found some that can produce astounding reversals of such chronic diseases as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer – all for under $10 for a 30-day supply. This book could save you thousands of dollars and may even save your life. (More)

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The Secret Plan for World Domination.
This documentary provides the missing link for the truth about 9/11. The missing link is MOTIVE. If you cannot imagine why anyone would want to cover up essential evidence, then wonder no more. Taken from the words of the plotters themselves, you will come to understand that a terrorist attack was exactly what they hoped for to justify a massive military incursion into the Middle East, all of which was planned long before 9/11. You will witness decades of maneuvering for the control of oil and gas resources and see, first hand, incredible war profits on a scale much greater than ever before in history. Even if you are familiar with some of these events, this is the first time all of them have been brought together in one place. (More)

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(by treating symptoms instead of causes). Gary Tunsky, a nationally recognized Naturopathic Doctor and health teacher, in this interview by G. Edward Griffin, provides profound insights on: "Frankenfoods," Germs vs. Disease, pH balance, electricity in the body, sunlight, cancer, AIDS, vaccines, health without drugs, and much more. (More).
G. Edward Griffin
Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The magician's secrets are unveiled. Here is a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A boring subject? Just wait. You'll be hooked in five minutes. It reads like a detective story – which it really is, but it's all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of history. (More)
This DVD is an antidote to Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Designed for the classroom, it is divided into three lessons based on statements by internationally recognized climate scientists covering such topics as climate change in history; data errors in computer models; the impact on global temperature by cosmic rays, solar flares, and cloud formation; the truth about melting ice caps and flooding; and the benefits of increased CO2 levels. It also shows the corruption of science by the United Nations IGPCC which, although advertised as a scientific body, is a political body that requires the scientists it employs to alter their findings to support pre-determined conclusions. (More)
by Dr. Tenpenny.
This  presentation offers the most comprehensive overview available of each vaccine. It guides you step-by-step through each shot, and offers facts regarding the risks of contracting the very infections from which we hope we are being protected. Dr. Tenpenny shows how vaccines compromise the immune system, and set us up for infections in later life. DVD. (More)
The Center for Disease Control is an ardent promoter of vaccines. Yet, from its own documents, we learn that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The information in this DVD could spare adults from further vaccine-induced injuries and spare innocent children from a lifetime of mental, physical, and immunological limitations. This is a must-see for those who desire scientific backing for choosing not to vaccinate. (More)

The Rise and Fall of an Epic Financial Bubble.
A witty and thought-provoking analysis of the decline and fall of the American financial empire. The hallucination of wealth-from-debt has created a worldwide economic bubble floating on a whirlpool of worthless paper money that now is pulling America down the drain. Learn how that came about, what lies ahead, and how to protect yourself. Second edition (More)
The Richardson Cancer Clinic
by J.A. Richardson & Patricia Griffin.
62 case histories proving beyond any doubt that Laetrile (Vitamin B17) works in the control of cancer. These are not anecdotal stories or cases of people who never had cancer in the first place. Each history is authenticated by a firm diagnosis and meticulous medical documentation.

This edition includes a follow up 30 years after the patients were diagnosed with incurable cancer. Proof is in the actual life-span of these people who, previously, had been told by their doctors that they had just a few months or weeks to live.
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The Story of Vitamin B17

G. Edward Griffin
marshals evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra, caused by the lack of an essential food factor in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile. This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics—and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment. This is the most complete and authoritative treatise available on this topic. (More)
MAKING A KILLING: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
This documentary exposes how psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry have invented so-called mental diseases that are merely conditions of normal human experience – such as shyness or anxiety. Their goal is to convince everyone they have a mental condition that must be managed by prescription drugs. This marketing ploy has led half the population into dependency on medications for the rest of their lives. People are harmed more than helped, and these drugs kill an estimated 42,000 people every year. Learn how to protect your family from this brutal money-making machine. (More)

GENERATION RX; Children As Victims of Anti-Depressant Drugs
Follows the trail of dishonest advertising, falsified research, deceived doctors, corrupt corporate executives, distraught parents, and drugged children – a trail that leads to a wave of youth aggression and suicides. Millions of young people have been falsely diagnosed as having a brain chemical imbalance and given anti-depressant drugs that are destroying their minds. Even the most informed person will be shocked by the facts and testimony in this documentary. The human race depends on exposing and then stopping this pseudo-science of death. (More)

This tells how the U. N., from 1960 to 1962, waged an unprovoked war against the peaceful state of Katanga and forced it under the Communist state of the Central Congo. Top U.N. personnel boasted in their public speeches and memoirs of how they pretended to be preserving law and order while actually carrying out a military operation to crush the tiny nation, all in the name of peace. We have not seen the last of U.N. so-called peace-keeping forces. Unless the further development of what is called the New World Order can be stopped, we are going to see a U.N. army used more and more to bring its peculiar brand of peace to the world. The best way to envision the future is to know the past. Black-and-white. 1991 introduction by
G. Edward Griffin. Originally released as a VHS tape, this program has been re-mastered in DVD format. (More)
This New York Times Best Seller is a data mine of scientific facts showing that global warming is not caused by human activity but by solar activity and cosmic radiation – and the cycle has been occurring for millions of years. The recent rise in temperature has created the most ideal climate for civilization that Earth has ever experienced. The next cycle will be colder and much less beneficial for mankind. (More)
First broadcast over Great Britain’s public service TV station, this documentary deconstructs the myth that Global Warming is caused by human activity. World-class scientists explain that it is caused by solar activity, and that similar cycles have occurred many times in history. Solar activity recently was high, so higher temperatures are the expected result. In previous years, when industrialization was increasing at its greatest rate, temperatures went down. (More)

A Discourse by G. Edward Griffin

The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve addresses such issues as: Who created the Fed? How is money created?
What impact has this had on the American Dollar? Should our currency be backed by gold or silver? Where does government get most of its funding? Why do bankers get away with it? What might happen if we continue on our current path? What might come from a return to constitutional money? (More)


A Discourse on Government by
G. Edward Griffin
“Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington
G. Edward Griffin responds to questions from a camera crew creating a video documentary on the U.S. Constitution. He answers the most difficult questions imaginable in the fields of political and social science. The depth and clarity is amazing, especially considering he is speaking without script or notes. In an era when many people are just now waking up to the WHAT of current events, here are issues for the brain that go far beyond that shallow pool into the deep water of WHY and HOW. (More)
The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov, KGB
Yuri Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, was a member of the elite propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Mr. Bezmenov tells how the Soviets used propaganda against their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape.
Part 1: Life under Soviet Collectivism
Part 2: Propaganda and Mind Control
Part 3: Cultural Subversion and Escape (More)

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