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UK: Bank of England announces a stunning 1.5% cut in mortgage rates and orders banks to pass on the reduction to borrowers. Borrowers win, taxpaying savers lose. Times Online 2008 Nov 7 (Cached)

US: stock market tumbles in worst 2-day slump since 1987. Bloomberg 2008 Nov 6 (Cached)

Ron Paul warns of big shift toward global government under Obama. Says McCain was a "back-up" candidate. Infowars 2008 Nov 6 (Cached)

Las Vegas: Even the Sands casino takes a plunge on news of pending bankruptcy. Bloomberg 2008 Nov 6 (Cached)

Famous botanist says "BBC shunned me for denying climate change." HonestClimateDebate 2008 Nov 6 (Cached)

US: Barack Obama wins election for President of U.S. American collectivism swings from Right to Left but continues without meaningful change in spite of political rhetoric. MSNBC 2008 Nov 5 (Cached)

China: Economic problems are becoming worse.
Epoch Times
2008 Nov 5 (Cached)           

US: Communist flag carried by Obama supporters in celebration of his victory. Just an isolated coincidence, of course. Breitbart TV 2008 Nov 5

Massachusetts voters approve decriminalization of posessing small amounts of Marijuana.
Boston Globe
2008 Nov 5 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve hires former executive of failed bank to monitor other banks to see if they are failing. No comment needed. ABC 2008 Nov 4 (Cached)


Spain: Government grants "Mortgage Holiday" to those who cannot make payments. Taxpayers who saved now will pay for those who spent. Collectivism as usual. Times Online 2008 Nov 4 (Cached)

Kentucky judge orders 108 failed voting machines to be shut down. Brad Blog 2008 Nov 4 (Cached)

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AT&T joins other ISPs and charges extra for high use of Internet. Wired 2008 Nov 4 (Cached)

US: More utility bills go unpaid, leading to increased shut-off of services. WSJ 2008 Nov 3 (Cached)

US: Crisis now developing in prime mortgages, not just sub-prime. Worst is yet to come.
MSN Money
2008 Nov 3 (Cached)

How much more will home prices drop? The answer is given in this analysis you can't afford to skip.
Money and Markets
2008 Nov 3 (Cached)

"Time to Bunker Down," an excellent overview of the global debt implosion, containing astounding facts and statistics. Conclusion? Better have cash in your mattress. Gold Eagle 2008 Nov 2 (Cached)

The (not-so) surprising sponsors of U.S. election debates and prime-time TV. Something to think about. Mercola Posted 2008 Nov 1

China: 10,000 corrupt government officials have fled country with $100 billion. CSM Posted 2008 Nov 1 (Cached)

That's why the original Constitution did not allow
        direct election of the President. Very smart.

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Reality Zone 2008 Oct 23


            FROM OUR READERS
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by Glen O'Hara, 2008 Nov 2

Actually the new DTV is quite safe. It's a one-way transmission; and within this "new" technology as used by local broadcasters, there is no way for anyone to gather private information, spy on you, peek into your living room, etc. So relax. This facet of our television system is now referred to as "over-the-air" or "terrestrial" television, to distinguish local broadcast transmitting stations from "extra-terrestrial" (satellite) or "cable." This distinction being unnecessary in the 1950's and 1960's. With the purchase of High-Definition TV's exploding over the past few years, people are anxious for "High-Def" content. I was an early adopter of HDTV and customer of the "VOOM" satellite service pioneered in 2003 by Rainbow Communications, part of Cablevision in NYC, and its visionary CEO James Dolan. He was just too ahead of his time to convince shareholders of Cablevision to continue funding "VOOM" until it could turn a profit. His Son, Charles, actually sided with shareholders and "VOOM" went out of business, selling assets and programming to Dish Network, then "Echostar Communications." (More)



Dear Mr. Griffin,
Thanks as always for your realityzone website. unfiltered news is my first stop for information. I agree with you that something is being hidden from the public vis a vis Obama's sealed birth certificate. My two cents on the subject says that he is not an American citizen qualified to be President according to the Constitution, but that seems rather obvious.

I think that the Rockefellers, et al., want him elected, and then perhaps let it be known that he has indeed not been born in America. Then they will parlay this fact into amending the Constitution so that this is not a problem.
Then the road will be paved for the Govenator Arnold to goose step us into the NWO. Of course, I hope this is not the case.
Happy Halloween,
Ryan Sparks. 2008 October 30


There is an e-mail circulating containing the following link, which leads to a video made by a man named Hal Turner, an ex- radio talk show host:
In the video Turner declares that billions of Amero coins were coined by the U.S. Government's Denver Mint, and that the Secretary of the Treasury shipped the Ameros to China. That by February the financial condition in our Republic will be such that the North American Union (the joining of Canada, US and Mexico) will come into being as a result of the “dollar” ceasing to pass as currency. That Americans will be forced to turn “dollars” in at a loss for Ameros, the currency of the NAU.
In checking out Turner’s story, it was discovered that Ameros are being coined by a private mint:
After going to this website, scroll down to the 20 Amero copper coin and you will see it is the one Turner is describing in his video.

It was also discovered that Turner is alleged to be an FBI operative. That he constantly advocated use of violence on his talk show, which would be one of the modus aperandi of such an operative. The following link takes you to the website that reveals the FBI allegation:

Please pass this along to prevent your fellow Americans from being victimized by this alleged agent provocateur. Beware of such e-mails; remember, under the political and financial conditions we are living, the atmosphere is ripe for disinformation. One of the uses of disinformation is for the messenger to lose credibility, and thus be neutralized.
Walter Buller, 2008 October 28


from Jerry Day, 2008 Oct. 25
n Response to the letter from Ryan from Florida, 2008 October 21

Questioning the capability of digital television systems to collect personal data.
The mandated conversion of television from analog-to-digital allows government to profit from you by reselling spectrum that had been tied up in the analog system. You will pay this hidden tax as various agencies, investors and spectrum "developers" pass the costs of the spectrum commoditization and "sales" on to you.

Government will be collecting large fees for frequency spectrum that it does not own and which costs it nothing. Since government claims the authority to "regulate" spectrum, it goes one step further and claims the right to profit from it.

The private broadcast and cable television industry must spent hundreds of billions of dollars to convert the entire pipeline to very expensive digital equipment and formats so your government can make a relatively paltry and unearned spectrum sales windfall. (More)


(Last week's edition)
Hey, smoking was not such a problem for the native Americans..... they probably walked 10 miles a day and ate a much more vegetarian diet.
They gave humanity tobacco, the tomato, the potato, corn and the first democratic and representative form of government. So maybe tobacco wasn't their best contribution. But we still stole their silver and gold, which we used to set up a stable international currency.

We sure have forgotten a lot, as we can see in the news!
Wayne Gunn, 2008 October 24



I frequent the Reality Zone as a reliable source of important information. Thank you for your efforts to provide this information.

I came across something that I have not seen commented on anywhere from a socio/politcal standpoint: the federally mandated transition from analog television to digital television.

I have tried to read up on why exactly this is happening, but the "why" does not seem clear. The dominant story that I get on internet searches I've done is that in digital "the picture is better." If that is the case, why is the government requiring analog to be shut off? Shouldn't they just leave it be and eventually the superior product will take hold? This is what it says on :

"Analog television service isn’t as efficient as DTV. It uses up much more valuable spectrum that - once the DTV transition is completed - will be provided to public safety organizations, such as first responders including fire and police departments. Remaining spectrum will be auctioned off for the production of new services. "

Also, from what I understand, digital television sends its information in computer bytes, unlike analog. It would stand to reason then, that the information transmitted via digital would be subject to more cyber-tracking, control, and monitoring mechanisms than analog. Is it not sort of like having radio over the airwaves versus radio on the internet? The internet is much more "trackable" by the powers that be, as opposed to the free airwaves. Anything on the internet can be tracked to an IP address and then a physical address. Could it be the same for digital television? A tool for more surveillance?

I do not know much about television or this new federal mandate which evidently will require us to purchase a "converter box" if we have old TVs. Have you heard anything about this issue, or do you know of someone who may know the repercussions of this?

Ryan from Florida, 2008 October 21


Until now, I have not given any thought to the subject "surveillance via the
TV" because of the all the advert language and related jibber-jabber.
I think I read an article about the future government spy range being
expanded to include TV a long time ago, but then it was something like
science fiction used to make another junk movie.

Now, because of computer technology, digital TV does come with better
picture quality and sound, but the price being paid here will be the spy
machine of the Feds which will keep track of your favorite channels, times,
programs and another background file that will be filled with everything
except your naked body in the shower.

Why? Political correctness, mindless brainwashing, never question your
politicians, never upbraid the banker because it's HIS money You are using.

I am switching to cable because I live in an apartment and have no other
option like a homeowner would with satelite dishes. Also the cable will
revolutionize my snail-paced operation with my otherwise fast XP program
on the outmoded dial up which prevents video and audio ops from normal
runs as that is more like a snail in the sun on frozen ground.

Peter Carminati
Bally Bay Publications, 2008 October 25


Dear Mr. Griffin,
While browsing your website and looking at some of your excellent
articles, I read through your missive "future calling", and the creed
that you expound.

I am merely an ordinary plebeian, so I may not understand all your
sophisticated thoughts, but you seem to have become very religious
about your individualism to the point of extreme. You seem to have
lost sight that it is not a religion you are expounding which needs to
be puritanical, but what matters to people, what is workable, and what
is their need. It is a human invention, and it needs to serve human
needs. Here are just two points where your ideas become dicey. 1) A
blood family is a unit, separate from an individual, and separate from
the extrapolation of its converse to a totalitarian state as you
imagine all combines to become. While you someplace state that there
needs to be a balance and extremes are no good, you again swung back
in your creed exposition to deny any existence of any grouping, for
the abstract fear of its limit. I remain unconvinced. 2) There is no
notion of public commons. you want all things privatized and run on
market forces in true competition. Sorry - don't buy it when the
demand can be infinite on limited supply or limited ability to acquire
it, or essential services and "things" need to be held for the common
good of all the peoples, especially to meet their existential needs.
This includes air, water, electricity, money creation (that you
concede), air waves, etc. etc. You want total deregulation, and
government out of all responsibility other than the minimal ones you
list. All that too is utopia isn't it? Many things you have stated are
good, as good as apple pie. If you tone down your rigidity, which to
me, sounds almost like religion, the ideas would be more implementable
as a happy compromise of the things you have so well articulated. I
really like your clarification of the emphasis on non-coercion. That's
great. I don't like your sole emphasis on all or nothing approach
towards individuals or totalitarianism. While many arguments can be
made to show what happens in the limit - it is not the limit for which
we design the operating envelope of any system. As a system architect
in electrical engineering, I know that from my own professional system
design experience. See my patents listed on my website to verify my
credentials for what I assert if you wish. Here too, a gentle system
that does what's desired by the people for whom it derives its power
and to whom it serves, as you rightly put it, can create a balance.
Your emphasis on principles is excellent. I appreciate that very much.
While I learnt from your essay, I don't agree with its fundamental

Thank you.
Zahir Ebrahim, 2008, October 18


Hello Zahir.
I am saddened by your comments because they tell me that I was not successful in convincing you that the battle between collectivism and individualism is not subject to compromise. As I see it, in the end, only one will survive and there can be no permanent middle ground. Collectivism, like pregnancy, once begun must go to full term or be aborted. There is no such thing as a balance between pregnancy and non-pregnancy. Government power never voluntarily stops short of total.

Although my ideological beliefs are not in the same category as religious beliefs, nevertheless, I do hold them to be extremely important. They may not relate to my life in the hereafter but they do relate to my life in the here and now - which is no small matter.

I am dedicated to freedom for myself and my fellow man. If the day should come when you find yourself in abject slavery in a collectivist state, I know that you, also, will be extreme in rejecting the system that enslaves you. I think the only difference between us is that you probably don't believe it could happen to you, whereas I believe it now is too close to ignore.

Thank you for taking the time to express you view.
Ed Griffin


by Daniel Morin, 2008 October 21

I agree entirely with Mr. Griffin regarding Zeitgeist Addendum. The first movie, Zeitgeist, is much better than its Addendum. The first part of the first movie is more a matter of opinions. The second part documents actual facts about 9/11. The third part gives a brief overview about the Federal Reserve. If I had to recommend the first movie, I would recommend only the second and third part.

After reading Mr. Griffin’s comment, I decided to watch the third part again at (More)


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This documentary shows how the elections of 2004 and 2006 were stolen and who did it. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s the real thing! The people who perpetrated this fraud remain in place to do the same thing in 2008 – and every election thereafter. This has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. It is about controlling the electoral process so that the common citizen will never be able to break the grip of those who control both major parties. This grip CAN be broken, but only if more Americans become aware that it exists. That’s where you come in. Acquire this video and show it to your friends. (More)

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