Compiled by G. Edward Griffin 

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2008 AUGUST 9 – AUGUST 15

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Russia reacts to placement of U.S. missiles in Poland. U.S. angry over Russia's military action against Georgia. Leninist and Rhodesean camps squaring off for new era of conflict.
Intrntl Herald Tribune
2008 August 15 (Cached)

Gold drops below $800 per oz as demand for dollar rises. Bloomberg 2008 Aug 15 (Cached)

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered. It is 30% greater than last year. Scientists producing charts showing ice shrinkage caught lying.
2008 Aug 15 (Cached)

New Jersey Assemblyman calls for repeal of state's global warming act in response to evidence that planet is cooling. Politiker 2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

US: Inflation rate highest since 1991. Now officially running at 5.6% but we believe it is much higher. 2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

US: Home sales fall to 10-year low as prices tumble. Bloomberg 2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

US: Military report advocates use of mind control and brain-altering drugs to make soldiers want to fight. Infowars 2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

Some granite counter tops found to have high levels of radiation. Learn here how to test them.
2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

China: Man swims to Taiwan seeking asylum from persecution. Epoch Times 2008 Aug 14 (Cached)

Mass detention camp discovered that will imprison protestors at the Democratic Convention in Denver. YouTube 2008 Aug 13

Foreclosed homes in Detroit sold for $1.
Detroit News
2008 Aug 13 (Cached)

Lack of sunlight found to greatly increase risk of lung cancer. Natural News 2008 Aug 18 (Cached)

Crime-ridden town in Arkansas applies 24-hour curfew - and citizens approve. People gladly give up their rights for the promise of security. All America could be next. Yahoo News 2008 Aug 13 (Cached)

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US: FDA declines to define "natural" so that just about any product containing a plant substance can claim that title. Natural News 2008 Aug 13 (Cached)

US bank losses now exceed $5 billion - and climbing. Bloomberg 2008 Aug 12 (Cached)

US: Polls show that almost 20% of voters reject Republican and Democrat presidential candidates. WND 2008 Aug 11 (Cached)

Ron Paul's wife in hospital intensive-care unit.
Victoria Advocate
2008 Aug 11 (Cached)

Major brands of lipstick found to contain dangerous levels of lead. The brands are named here.
1008 Aug 9 (Cached)

Monsanto forced to stop selling genetically engineered bovine growth hormone because of cancer risk to humans who consume beef.
Posted 2008 Aug 9 (Cached)

Cancer Institute warns of cancer risk from cellphones, especially by children.
USA Today
Posted 2008 Aug 9 (Cached)

US: Hedge funds in much worse shape now than 1998, say experts. Bloomberg Posted 2008 Aug 9 (Cached)

Short but very powerful motivational video to get involved now before it is too late.
Posted 2008 Aug 9


Send your comments to but please be aware that personal responses are not possible.

There has been much discussion lately concerning domestic oil production as a result of high and higher oil prices. Many political and economic leaders seem to believe that domestic oil production would curb the rise in oil prices in the near future if we would simply drill for oil here in the U.S.

As it is right now, we purchase a large amount of our energy needs from outside the country. We exchange our dollars for their oil. We get the oil. They get the funny money. Thus we are shielded from our own inflation.

It's my opinion that if domestic oil production would ever be granted on a large scale by Congress, wouldn't this create more inflation by keeping our dollars in the country? Does my theory have a leg to stand on?

Wm. Tennant, 2008 Aug 7


It’s difficult to predict the effect because there are so many interrelated factors, including the high cost of domestic oil caused by massive limitations imposed by the environmentalist movement. A large proportion of the money we pay to foreign oil producers is funneled immediately to the multinational oil companies who have contracts to process the oil and deliver it. Some of the largest of those, of course, are U.S. based, although that does not guarantee that the money would return to America.

It sometimes is theorized that exporting our fiat money for valuable resources and goods is advantageous to America because foreigners get worthless paper while we get things of value. I do not agree with this, however, because a great deal of that money eventually does comes back home to buy equities in American corporations and banks, real estate, mineral resources, and political influence. Eventually those who received our dollars end up owning huge chunks of America.

When all is considered, it is my opinion that it would be to our clear advantage if we were oil independent and once again had strong domestic industry. History has shown that those who produce, rule. Those who do not, serve.


In Unfiltered News you posted a video with the caption: "Discussion of convicting Bush as an international war criminal is gaining momentum and actually appearing in mainstream media, as in this amazing example" Brasscheck Posted 2008 July 31

I got excited reading the caption, however after watching the video i felt like this was an endorsement for world government. George Soros has been running the ACLU, and all they have been concerning themselves with lately is Bush and torture. Thats all you ever hear, and now I'm not surprised that the ACLU is inadvertenly aiding this move toward world government. Soros was thanked by the World Federalist Association in a video I found for his contributions. They never mentioned specifically what it was, but I see it now. I think there should be more elaboration on your video link about what the danger really is. I'm not in favor of a world court having the power to prosecute our president. We need to do that ourselves and we need to do it by getting involved and not waiting for someone else to do it.
- Marcus Rich


We agree wholeheartedly that this development represents a mixed bag of good and bad features. Perhaps your comments will alert others to the potential trap, so we will post them to the Readers’ section of the weekly news. Thank you for your perceptive analysis.


I'm a pastor of a Christian church. I watched the video about Christian pastors being recruited to help disarm the public after Hurricane Katrina. I got the feeling from the video that this was a bad thing. But I'm confused as to why it is a bad thing to disarm people who are panicked and therefore dangerous to one another. It seems that Christians particularly should be people who would be okay with being unable to defend themselves. After all, Christ commanded Peter to put his sword away, and early Christians went to the lions rather than defend themselves. Maybe you could help me understand why it is so important that we not let the government take away our guns..
Keith McAliley
Frankfort, Kentucky

Hello Keith.
Rather than attempt an answer myself, I feel that your question is so important that we should post it to our news page and invite reader response. Thank you for writing.

Dear G. Edward Griffin,
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. McAliley's request as to why Christians should not accept disarmament from the so-called "government" and even help the "government" do it.

God endows men with common sense. Man knows justice from injustice from his earliest days. Not always acting justly himself, he nevertheless knows when others act unjustly against him. Scripture says, "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God." True authority comes from God, it is recognizable to individuals, and it does not engage in abuse. Abuse of authority comes from another source (Satan and man's fallen nature) and is not from God. Stopping abuse of authority is good, just and Godly. Common sense dictates that.

Scripture says, "Wives submit to your husbands." Not suggested at all is the idea that a wife should sit still and take a beating from her husband. If she sees him planning to kill her, it is her duty to defend herself if she cannot escape. Common sense dictates that. Who could reasonably argue against her right to self defense, even though God established authority over wives in husbands? No true Christian man would sit still and watch another man beat his wife. What good is his faith then? If he sees abuse and can stop it, he must. To permit it is to sin against his sister and give his approval to his brother for the brother's abuse of his rightful authority.

Authority is right and should be obeyed. Abuse of it is clearly wrong and should be resisted.... Who's the famous guy who said "All that evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing?" I can't remember, but this statement sums it all up. When good men sit idly by, tyrants, oppressors, thieves, murderers, and rapists get away with their evil. Who's to stop them? They certainly won't stop themselves. Why should pastors not help the government disarm people in disaster situations or when martial law is declared? Because true government authority never disarms its people. An armed nation is well defended, and in such a place, government serves the people as God intends it to do. When the civil authorities conspire to disarm the people, for any stated reason whatsoever, you can rest assured that they have evil plans up their collective sleeve.

Now, Mr. McAliley may be of the opinion that his government, whatever that is in this country, intends no harm to the citizens or himself. This would be a naive opinion, since all of history proves that all governments are comprised of individual men, and individual men often give in to the base temptations that afflict all men. Scripture says, "The heart of man is desperately wicked." History also shows that no collection of men can maintain a good, Godly government for very long, maybe one, or at most, two generations. (One can argue compellingly that the government of this country has been no different, depending on your point of view.) When individual men, who connive to live richly off of the labor and goods of everyone else, arrive at the crest of the civil power, they lie, they steal, they cheat. They seduce the innocent. They take your children. They take your property. They take your soul.
If you let them. ...

It makes no difference if the criminals wear snappy uniforms and represent the legitimate civil authority or if they're gangsters. Crimes against you and your property and your labor and your family are still crimes. No man has a right to take your property for his own use. Not a cop, not a soldier, not a neighbor, not a gangster. Not one man. Not a whole government of individual men, either. Nor does any man have a right to abuse his God-given authority to compel you to do what is wrong. Never. ...

When a Christian fails to call the individual men and women of "government" to account, he gives his implicit permission to be ruled by evildoers. And not just himself, but his innocent family, as well. When Christians fail to defend themselves and their families against the common criminal attack, they give their permission for the crimes. They may not like it, but they permit it. What man would sit on his hands while his house is being robbed and his wife and children raped? What woman would turn her back when a kidnapper grabs her child? No rational Christian would permit such things. Nor should he. Rather, a rational Christian would sacrifice his own life, if necessary, to prevent them!

Why, then, would a rational Christian permit uniformed agents of the "government" to do such things without uttering so much as a peep? And why, in the Name of Jesus, would they agree to help? After all, the agents of government are nothing more than individuals with their own souls at stake for what they do, for "just following orders" when those orders are illicit. Why would a rational Christian, seeing with his own eyes how the "government" has been working day and night for at least a century to crush out liberty, not only in America, but everywhere on the planet, make himself complicit with the criminals in the "governments?" Perhaps Mr. McAliley does not see these things with his eyes? Perhaps he is unaware of the surfeit of tyrannies that first disarmed their people before slaughtering millions upon millions of them. Perhaps he has never heard of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, and Idi Amin, just to name a few of the more notorious individual criminals who acquired the power to order the armies of individuals who then agreed to commit those heinous crimes in government uniform.

Well, all ignorance and naivete aside, who is Mr. McAliley, or my own priest, for that matter, to decide that I am "panicked" and therefore must be disarmed? A disaster event or the declaration of martial law does not automatically make everyone "panicked" and a danger to themselves and others. Even if it did, were there reports of panicked people shooting guns around like wild men during Katrina? Or during any disaster of late? If so, I never heard about it. Were armed business owners and homeowners a danger to themselves and other innocent people during Katrina? Still, no reports of it. Were they a danger to looters? You bet. Were they a danger to uniformed looters? Should have been, but I'm disappointed. Jesus said, "Behold, I send you as sheep among wolves. If you have no sword, you must sell your cloak and buy one." ...

Disarming the innocent will again lead to holocausts. Any participation with that plan and trend is culpable before the Lord. Willful ignorance will not excuse you. The excuses at Nuremburg will not fly before the throne of the Just Judge, either. And that is why it is supremely wrong for Christian pastors to help the abuse of authority in the effort to disarm his brothers. Let every pastor hear!
Linda June

In reference to 8/1/2008 newsletter

Just to ask this question reveals how infiltrated Christian Seminaries are to teach such blind ignorance to pastors in the first place.

Few if any Protestant pastors realize disarming the public and ripping Romans 13 totally out of context was Hitler's strategy that ultimately led congregations to "sing louder" as the rail cars carrying Jews and other political opponents to their death in concentration camps went by the church on Sunday Morning. Dr. Erwin Lutzer's book "Hitler's Cross" should be mandatory reading for anyone studying Christian theology at any seminary. Excuse my sarcasm when I have to ask what do you think was meant in scripture with the verse "be not unequally yoked."? Christian morality is supposed to influence government by example of the followers, not by partnership. But the current neocon fascists have it the other way around when politicians create policy for church congregations to follow.

I am sorry but the way Keith McAliley framed his question reveals his blind faith in the very ones who are controlling his destruction. The mere assumption that anyone under stress is unable to think rationally totally ignores the fact the everyone acts based on their conscience which controls all actions, totally regardless of stress. Stress is irrelevant. Yet government and hired mercenaries have NO conscience and act cool as a cucumbers while annihilating thousands and millions with deceiving tactics like Mr. McAliley has fallen for. He should also reference the verse where Christ tells his disciples to sell their cloak and purchase a sword. Christians are NEVER supposed to be the aggressors as is taught by John Hagee, but we are expected to defend self and family for scripture says anyone who does not care for his own family is worse than an unbeliever. Blackwater cares nothing about the welfare of anyone or anything but their own high wages to act as violent bullies pretending to create law and order while their actions have proven the opposite. No one will protect your family as well as you yourself. The only violent threats in New Orleans were threats before the flood, not a result of the flood. Disarming the general public makes the genuinely innocent completely vulnerable to the actual hostile threats that exist before, during and after any crisis.
Ken Rasmussen
2008 Aug 1

What I think is really pathetic is how modern day Pastors have fallen into the slippery slope of all the false theology and teachings that are going around religion! It looks like Peter Drucker’s modern-day student, Rick Warren, has successfully completed his mission and lies in order to make theologians subservient to Gov’t.! We were warned, in the Bible, by God, that we need to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, it appears we learned nothing from the German Protestants during Hitler’s regime that caused so may deaths amongst Jews. Thank God America didn’t think this way or we would have been speaking German today, or President Washington didn’t believe this way or we’d be speaking the tyrannical English language, with no freedom of religion! This Pastor needs to re-read the Old Testament and see where God won battles for the Jews, without ever referring to anything close to Romans 13. The powers to be are very slithery and deceptive as their god, Satan is and can manifest lies that are against God’s will.

God bless the United States, even though U.S.A. now stands for Under Satan’s Authority. Wake up people before it is too late! Just look around, we are in the End Times!
2008 Aug 1

We are charged, as Christian men, to defend our families. Those who won't are considered to be lower than infidels. Jesus told the disciples to carry swords, at one point. One said "here are 2 swords" & Jesus said" Two is enough". He wouldnt have had them carry swords if they were to surrender them in times of crisis.

The man who asked why it was bad for pastors to aid in the disarming of the church seems like a nice guy, but I think he is missing this. Believing the American people are too dangerous in hard times to be trusted with weapons is what some would like for people to believe, but America today is just the sons & daughters of those who MADE America. What makes anyone think Americans are inferior? The only reason anyone would believe Americans are stupid & dangerous is the fact that our elected officials are just that & shine a bad light on the population. The only reason America & Americans are suffering the crises we are struggling with is we have been sabotaged by our elected leaders & the Federal Reserve has absolutely HARVESTED the wealth of the working Americans. We were duped by the women's lib movement & now it takes 2 or 3 paychecks to keep a household afloat. OHh it just goes on & On, you seriously need to look around. No, Americans NEED their weapons, if we are to avoid martial law & total tyranny. The elite want us disarmed, then they can finish doing what they want to us.Study history & see what happens when a country goes thru the stages of tyranny, throwing off tyranny, being free,getting fat & lazy, losing the freedoms, falling back under tyranny (I paraphrased that, there are 7 steps if I remember correctly). We are in the "Losing Freedoms" stage & the signs of immenent tyranny are obvious to any with the guts to look at it. If you want to walk to your death & believe thats what God wants for you, I say you are wrong, I say we are to resist evil & protect our families & anyone else we can, just as we would see peoples souls saved, we need to protect their lives, if we can. My opinion, based on my own heart & what I believe the Bible says.
Nolan Parker
2008 Aug 1

I would like to reply to the Pastor of a Christian church on What's Wrong with Pastors Helping to Disarm the Public under Martial Law?

First, as you may know, Romans 13 commands us to submit to the government God created for us. That would be the American form of government here in America and the Chinese form of government if you live in China.

Submission to the American form of government means submission to the Constitution and the Amendments. They have the weight and authority of God Himself. They are an expression of His will for you in this country. To go against the Constitution and the Amendments is to go against God and become the object of His wrath – according to Romans 13.

Too many Christians in America act as if they live in China or Russia and delegate all authority to the state and piously submit to them without question thinking this noble or spiritual, but they are neither. Freedom in America involves responsibility and this they wish to avoid. This laziness and misplaced submissive attitude in things related to government is sinful just as it was sinful when found within the church. See 2 Cor 11:15-21. Unwillingness to discern and unwillingness to pursue freedom, when it is in your power to do so, is shameful and ungodly wherever and whenever it is found. See 1 Cor 7, Prov 1-2.

To submit to the American form of government means in the case at hand that you humbly acknowledge that you have no right, no power, no authority either within yourself or from God to disarm Americans, nor do the police or the army. You do have a right on the other hand, (a responsibility, a stewardship entrusted to you) to keep and bear arms and to see that such right not be infringed upon. “We the people” have such responsibility before God in America. See Amendment 2 and the Declaration of Independence. If you don’t like this responsibility, don’t shun it and sin; instead, move to China. Also, don’t forget, there was a time when Jesus told His disciples to buy a gun (a sword).

A study of history will tell you that this form of government (one where citizens remain armed), spills the least amount of blood, preserves the most honor among men, and costs the least financially in pursuit of individual and national freedom. This freedom in turn has benefited the church to the extent that the church has been able to train and send out the most missionaries of any country. We ought to protect it.
You may do well to read Jonathon Mayhew’s sermon on unlimited submission written around 1750. After reading it I had to ask myself “is rebelling against rebellion rebellion?”
Contending for liberty on my own ground,
Robert Coss, 2008 Aug 1

Having been a pastor over a period of 30 years, I offer this:

As a pastor, it is necessary to help people feel a sense of hope and trust in their Father in Heaven, but do not confuse that mission with misplacing that trust to a government that is here to seize your Constitutional rights!

As a pastor and as a citizen, you need to be aware of the foundation on which our government was established; in the 2nd Amendment it is stated, “… the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This Right to Bear Arms’ was to make absolutely certain that the citizen is always protected against its own government. That is why you are to have a gun!

Almost every government in history has made the citizens servants or slaves to the state. We are witnessing a recurrence of this in our own nation at this time.

The US Government is to be a servant to the people, not the other way around. Abraham Lincoln, recognizing this, beautifully stated in his Gettysburg Address, “…government of the people, by the people, and for the people…”

The purpose for our Right to Bear Arms is to defend ourselves against our own government. Our founding fathers had the wonderful insight to make absolutely certain that our government never has the power to turn against its own people! In asking your parish to turn in their weapons, you are requiring them to give up their Constitutional right to defend themselves against Tyranny! That places You in the position of taking away their rights!

You, especially, as one who claims to lead people, need to be aware that we are a nation in the process of being seized. Guised in the cloak of light, Darkness invades, usurping the very government of those who are loyal to the Constitution. I ask you Pastor, who it is that often comes as an Angel of Light? Is it not the Enemy? Test everyone. Test every statement. You are responsible for those who have entrusted you as their teacher. Do not let their blood be upon your hands.

Remember, if your people are asked to give up their guns, criminals never give up their guns anyway. In times of disaster, without a gun, who will defend you against the criminal element that breaks into your quarters to steal your food, to kill you, to rape your women and to do what the criminal mind finds as its normal course of action? There will not be a soldier standing there to protect you. But, should there be a soldier, you might want to check the patch on his uniform. Find out who he really is and what the real reason for his ‘assistance’ is. And even then, be cautious to accept his statement as truth.

Keith, please do a little reading and wake up to the fact that we are a nation that is about to be seized by the enemy within. -That, more than any other reason is why you need to keep your gun!
- Craig Whitaker
2008 Aug 2

Dear Rev. McAliley:
Your letter to Mr. Griffin regarding the video of Christian pastors working for FEMA to disarm your fellow citizens is exemplary of the effects of media influence on critical thinking. First, perhaps not even you are aware of the profound lack of faith you demonstrate both in your fellow man and, particularly, in God in turning over responsibility for a crisis to those least prepared for them (i.e., government agencies). People may, indeed, panic in situations like those associated with a hurricane. Another lesson, however, is seen in the so-called “panicking” of New Yorkers when 9/11 happened. When there are crises some people can lose their bearings for a time, but not nearly the majority. In New York, with the media saturating the airwaves and newsstands with the threat of terrorism, the citizens of the City, even those in a panic, reached out to each other to help and to ease the fear. They didn't wait for government to give the okay, or to come in and take over. They reached across barriers of faith, race, gender, and SES to help each other.

Most people step up to help one another, some times while in the grip of tremendous anxiety or panic in their own hearts. God ordains the actions of nature and of all his creation. Panic does not translate to danger unless the interactions of people who are afraid are contaminated by faithlessness and covert agendas coming from others. Your assumption that people are dangerous to each other when panicked calls your faith into question. People are vulnerable when panicking, but not always and in all situations mindless.

Why is it so important that we not let the government take away our guns? This type of thinking is emblematic of a mind molded by the media to not think, which is a perilous condition from which our country suffers so deeply today. The Founders of this nation understood very clearly why it is important to never let government take away our guns. They created the second amendment of the Constitution to remind us of why we should never let government, even in situations like a hurricane, to take away our guns. Government, by definition, takes away everything, not just guns. The media doesn’t want you (or anyone else) to know this. Unfortunately, Reverend, they appear to have succeeded with you. May I invite you to renew your faith in God who reaches into the hearts of people who are fearful through acts of understanding, simple kindness, and forgiveness.
Mark Murdstone
2008 Aug 3


Mr. Griffin,
I thought I would share this tidbit with you, as it is your uploaded video (Katanga, the Untold Story of U.N. Betrayal) to Google that I shared in this post to the History Channel that was deleted. I find it stunning that I'm censored almost always anywhere on-line where I share the 6 minute clip of Ezra Taft Benson, too explosive perhaps to be tolerated? At any rate, thank you so much for your great information, your many years of exposing the "hidden things of darkness" that must come to light.

Here is a post I sent out recently explaining the complete censorship of videos on the Internet: (Click here to see the complete post.)
Shaun Knapp


IS "INTERNET NEUTRALITY" A DECEPTIVE PHRASE? Reader says it really means political control of the Internet to stifle competition with Google and AT&T. Read his letter here.


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