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2008 MAY 3 Ė MAY 9

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US: Court orders medical examiner to delete mention of tasers from their records as being involved in the death of victims. Deaths must be called "accidental." Infowars 2008 May 8 (Cached)

First Freedom Force Meetup group formed in Austin, Texas. Only a few members to start, but just watch this group grow! To form a Freedom Force Meetup in your area, click here. 2008 May 8

Prediction of Polar Bear decline is critically flawed, says forecasting expert. Science Daily 2008 May 8 (Cached)

Short video reveals that psychotropic drugs are involved in most recent school shootings and suicides. Anyone on so-called anti-depressant drugs should see this. CCHR Posted 2008 May 8

US: Gunman shot, killed at courthouse. Mom blames Freedom Force! In St. Petersburg, Florida, Glen Powell opened fire at security guards and, in turn, was killed in return fire. There is no known motive except that his mother blames "anti-government" web sites he had been visiting and said that "Freedom Force International militia" was one of them. If she had visited the site herself, she would have realized that Freedom Force is not a militia, is not anti-government but anti-CORRUPTION in government, condemns violence as a means of bringing about change, and advocates constitutional methods of reform. Powell was never a member of Freedom Force. (Did anyone ask if he was on anti-depressant drugs because of his pending divorce?) See the Freedom Force position on violence as a path to political reform - here. See the news report at 2008 May 8 (Cached).

Antarctic warming predictions have failed to materialize, new study finds. Yahoo News 2008 May 7 (Cached)

Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them. Yahoo News 2008 May 5 (Cached)

As food shortages and hunger are spreading worldwide, profits of agribusiness companies are soaring. NZ Herald 2008 May 5 (Cached)
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US: After declaring desire to make English as the national languang, McCain launches Spanish-language web site. Think Progress 2008 May 5 (Cached)

Amazing documentary features eye-witness accounts of survivors of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and the pretense by US government officials that it was accidental. Brasscheck Posted 2008 May 3

Americans are auctioning off their prized belongings to pay for food and gas. Yahoo News Posted 2008 May 3 (Cached)

US: Obama calls for $15 billion tax on oil company profits - which will be paid by consumers as higher gas prices. Only people pay taxes, not corporations. Bloomberg Posted 2008 May 3 (Cached)

Iran completely stops trading oil in US dollars. Can war be far behind? ChinaView Posted 2008 May 3 (Cached)

County in Ohio preparing to sue Diebold vote machine company for fraud. Plain Dealer Posted 2008 May 3 (Cached)

Are you knowledgeable in the field of non-drug therapies and alternative medicine? Would you enjoy counseling cancer patients to help them make informed decisions regarding their options? Are you computer and Internet savvy? Do you have a knack for organizing volunteers to assist in this function? Are you interested in part-time employment (16 hours per week) conducted from your home? If so, The Cancer Cure Foundation would like to have your resume. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by G. Edward Griffin, dedicated to the advancement of healing without drugs. If you are interested, send your resume and income requirements to

William Rodriquez, the last man to escape from the North Tower seconds before it collapsed on 9/11, was the featured speaker on our telephone conference on May 4, 2008. William was the maintenance worker who cleaned the stairwells of the North Tower. He was the only person at the site that morning who had the master key to all the doors that opened to the stairwell, and he was the one who accompanied firefighters and opened doors as they ascended. He re-entered the North Tower three times after the initial impact and personally led fifteen people to safety. Prior to the first impact by a jet aircraft, William was in the 1st basement of the building and was badly shaken by a powerful explosion from the 2nd basement beneath him. He and other co-workers told the 9/11 Commission about this, but the Commission excluded any mention of this in their final report. Listen to the dramatic first-hand account of this true American hero here.

an educator on natural health, appeared on our conference call recently and reviewed the dangerous side effects of childhood vaccines, including  Autism. She explained how parents can protect their children by legally opting out of the school vaccines program. Her testimony was recorded and can be heard here. Here 3-hr seminar is available on DVD here.



I was captivated by the email [posted below] from the new subscriber who was having trouble with the concepts of collectivism and capitalism. The email was intense, and I got so caught up in responses from each of you- that it literally enthralled me. It was deep. It was real and it was from someone who expressed real questions from the the naievity of someone unfamiliar with Freedom Force. I was so intrigued by the writing from both of you that I will be forced to read it at least 3 or 4 times again. In the mean time, keep up your stamina and your responses as well. I think that the depth of information will serve to quell questions that many have in mind.  

This week we received an email from a new subscriber who was having trouble with the concepts of collectivism and capitalism. This is a common problem for those who are newly introduced to these concepts, so we are reprinting the email and my reply below:

SUBSCRIBER: I just watched an interview with Mr. Griffin about the federal reserve and immediately signed up for the newsletter. As I was browsing, I began to realize that some of the principles held by the organization seemed contradictory to the sentiment expressed in the interview. Specifically about collectivism. Is there any place, any resource, the water supply, anything that belongs to all of us?

REPLY: It depends on the definition of belong. In one sense, nothing ever belongs to anyone. In another, everything belongs to those who have the physical or military strength to claim it. In yet another sense, things (including natural resources) belong to those who develop them and make them accessible to others. Each society has its own view of this. In a society of individualism, there is a right of ownership for those who offer added value to the natural resources. In other words, copper in the ground is useless until it can be mined and refined. If people were not allowed to own the land and the raw resources, there would be no incentive to do the mining or refining, and it would stay in the ground forever.

SUBSCRIBER: What gives the people who own huge amounts of the pie the right to keep it forever and pass it on to their children?

REPLY: What gives people who own small amounts of the pie the right to take it from those with large amounts? Theft is not justified by the envy of those who steal.

SUBSCRIBER: How is that any different than Kings or Dictators?

REPLY: Stealing from the rich is no different from stealing from the poor and no different from stealing by kings and dictators.

SUBSCRIBER: Some people simply don't have the tools to run in the economic rat race.

REPLY: Correct. We should help them if we can but that does not justify coercing others to be generous if they donít want to be. If we grant that principle, then we have no complaint when others coerce us to do things that we do not care to do. Coercion in the name of good causes is the foundation of modern tyranny.

SUBSCRIBER: Capitalism is fine for capitalists.

REPLY: There are two kinds of capitalism: Competitive capitalism and monopoly capitalism. The first is good for everyone. The second is good for only the monopolists. Incidentally, monopoly capitalism is the foundation of collectivism. All monopoly capitalists forge partnerships with government as the way in which they maintain their monopolies. They love socialism, communism, neo-conservatism, and all other variants of collectivism, as you no doubt have observed from present-day elitists, all of whom are collectivists.

SUBSCRIBER: But look what capitalists are doing in the world...buying up mineral rights and water rights and stomping on any nation that dares to nationalize their resources so they can take care of their citizens.

REPLY: These are not competitive capitalists. They are monopoly capitalists who are partners with politicians and who use government to enforce their monopolies. They hate competition. None of them seek free-enterprise competition. They are the ruling collectivists partnered with government to enforce their monopolies.

SUBSCRIBER: Social agreements do not necessarily have to be corrupt.

REPLY: Agreed. But eventually they always do become corrupt when they allow coercion for redistribution of wealth. In other words, collectivism always corrupts.

SUBSCRIBER: How about roads...should every road become a toll road?

REPLY: Not necessarily. This question tells me that you have not read my essay entitled The Chasm in which I addressed this issue in a footnote at the bottom of page 16. You will find The Chasm at the bottom of the Issues section of the Freedom Force site. Here is the link: Thank you for your interest.


Several readers have urged us to recommend a video on YouTube entitled The Shock Doctrine, narrated by Naomi Klien. I regret that I cannot endorse it because of the following reasons. Naomi dramatically and accurately describes how personal and social shock is used to condition people to accept radical change, but there are hidden messages that make this a propaganda piece for collectivism. Naomi tries to convince her audience that the Neocon version of privatization is capitalism when, in reality, it is nothing but corporate collectivism, totally dependant on government intervention and favoritism. Free markets ARE desirable but that is not what the Bush Administration pursues. This video is the kind of propaganda that can lead people to embrace Socialist and Communist versions of collectivism.


Hi Mr. Griffin,
I have seen many videos of you and want to know if you think there is going to be hyperinflation or hyperdeflation coming to the US? I am so confused right now. On one hand, I hear about hyperinflation coming like in Germany but then some analysts predict that hyperdeflation is coming instead. This reasoning is below:

Hi Albert,  I am in the deflation school. The trillions of dollars in derivatives and bad MBSs bets that will implode in the next few years will be beyond any increases to the money supply or fiscal stimulous. But, of course, I could be wrong.    best, Mike

What is your position regarding this? I respect you greatly and would like to hear what you think will most likely happen? Do you believe that the dollar will die because of hyperinflation or do you think instead that we will have hyperdeflation? Thanks!!


I donít blame you for being confused. There are two opposing forces at work. (1) The Fed is pumping huge amounts of money into the economy, mostly going into the banks to bail them out from bad loans. This trend is inflationary. (2) Banks and corporations are writing off huge amounts in bad loans and accounts receivables previously carried as assets Ė and people are losing the equity in their homes. This is deflationary. It is a tug of war between these two forces. No one can tell for certain which will win out in the end, but I think the Fed will continue to pump unprecedented amounts of new money into the system because thatís what they exist for: to protect the the banks. After all, the Fed is a banking cartel, nothing more. So I am anticipating net inflation leading to destruction of the monetary system.


Being informed is not enough.
Freedom Force awaits you here.
Freedom Force


 A 3-hour seminar that answers with a resounding NO.
This seminar was conducted by Mary Tocco, an educator on natural health with special expertise in the side effects of vaccines. Her presentation has been seen by over 100,000 people and voted by viewers across the country as #1 on this topic. She has packed 27 years of personal research into just three hours, and you will be glued to your TV screen every minute of the way. Drawing on scientific documents from government agencies and university laboratories, she identifies the toxic components of vaccines, how they are related to autism and other childhood disorders, how vaccines interfere with the development of a normal immune system, and how infectious childhood diseases had all but disappeared BEFORE vaccines were introduced as a result of improved sanitation and nutrition. Protect your children from this fraud. Get the facts before you make the vaccine decision. (More)

The Disturbing Truth about Genetically Modified Foods.

This documentary is an investigation into unlabeled, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled our grocery stores for the past decade. It gives voice to farmers who are under attack by the corporations that have created this technology. It shows the grim health implications for an unsus-pecting population and reveals how multinational corporations are seeking to control the world's food system. (More)

This documentary focuses on the growing police state in America and shows how the Bill of Rights and the Constitution literally have been cancelled by recent legislation and executive orders. With the next crisis, the President will have power to confiscate all private property including homes, cars, and money; all commercial property; all means of transportation; and can round us up into work brigades. Anyone who criticizes can be imprisoned without legal defense. Presidents now have more dictatorial power than King George had when Americans fought the Revolutionary War to rid themselves of him. This program includes a plan for restoring the Constitution without armed revolution. (More)

STALIN, MAN OF STEEL. This History Channel documentary is more than just a biography of one of the worldís most notorious dictators and mass killers. It shows how, in spite of incredible crimes against his own people, Stalin was hero worshiped by them. This was possible because the masses were easily moved in time of crisis into viewing him as the embodiment of their nation, and loyalty to country became blurred with loyalty to leader. Vital lessons for today. (More)

The New Math of American Elections
This documentary shows how the elections of 2004 and 2006 were stolen and who did it. This is not a conspiracy theory. Itís the real thing! The people who perpetrated this fraud remain in place to do the same thing in 2008 Ė and every election thereafter. This has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. It is about controlling the electoral process so that the common citizen will never be able to break the grip of those who control both major parties. This grip CAN be broken, but only if more Americans become aware that it exists. Thatís where you come in. Acquire this video and show it to your friends. (More)

Vitamin C Deficiency Is the Origin of ALL Heart Disease.
Yes, sub-clinical scurvy, caused by a lack of Vitamin C, is the origin of all heart and coronary disease. Does that mean everyone can be protected simply by taking extra Vitamin C? Not quite. The first step is to eliminate those conditions that deplete Vitamin C levels in the first place. Here is the whole story told in fascinating detail. Simply stated, coronary disease is preventable and reversible without drugs. (More)

SPOOKS, HOODS, & THE HIDDEN ELITE; Testimony of Chauncey Holt, member of the JFK assassination team.
Late Great USA
This is the confession, made eight days before his death, of a man who worked in the joint service of organized crime and the CIA. Chauncey Holt tells why the Mob and the CIA wanted JFK dead and how they carried out his assassination. One of Holtís assignments was to create false ID papers for Lee Harvey Oswald who he knew as a CIA undercover agent posing as a Castro supporter. Holt reveals that there were several shooters, but Oswald wasnít one of them. He was set up to take the blame and draw attention away from the real assassination team. DVD. (More)

FILES ON JFK: The confession of James Files, the man who shot Kennedy.
Late Great USA
Speaking from prison, James Files tells how he was recruited by a Chicago crime family and worked with the CIA to assassinate JFK. He describes every step of the plan, names the key players, and explains their motives. The FBI claims that Files is not a credible witness; but you will be hard pressed to agree after hearing hundreds of details that only could come from intimate knowledge of the event and the players Ė including Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. DVD. (More)

THE LATE GREAT U.S.A. The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada. Late Great USAWhile many people are still clinging to the belief that The U.S.will never give up its sovereignty, the process already is far advanced. This is not just a super highway between Mexico and Canada, but a total political, economic, and military merger into what will be called the North American Union, identical to the creation of the EU. Here are the chilling details of a plan being implemented largely behind closed doors by global elitists to terminate the United States. (More)

MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age. Map makers Maps of the Ancient Sea Kingsthousands of years before ancient Egypt knew locations and shapes of all the continents, even Antarctica, which today lies beneath a deep covering of ice. How did they know? (More)

Exposing Che Guevara
MYTH: Man of the people, freedom fighter, humanitarian, defender of the poor and oppressed. REALITY: Cold-blooded murderer, sadistic torturer, materialist, godfather of terrorism. You will shake your head at the brainwashed celebrities who idolize him. (More)

The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov,
KGB Propagandist.
Deception Was My Job
Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, worked for the propaganda arm of the KGB known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Bezmenov tells how the Soviets propagandized their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape. (More)

LIBERTATEMS are one-ounce pure-silver medallions minted exclusively by Freedom Force. Each medallion features eight symbols illustrating the concepts of Libertatem  individualism as expressed in The Creed of Freedom. For an explanation of this symbolism, click here. Libertatems are a storehouse of value, a hedge against inflation, a work of art, and a teaching aid to popularize the laws of liberty. (More)

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