Compiled by G. Edward Griffin 

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2008 MARCH 8 – MARCH 14

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Despite infusion of new money from Federal Reserve, Wall Street braces for the failure of at least one US bank. Times Online 2008 Mar 13 (Cached)

Famous economist says "Abolish the Fed!" View aired on CNBC. This is a clear explanation of the current financial meltdown. CNBC 2008 Mar 13

Pentagon buried report that shows there was no link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Raw Story 2008 Mar 13 (Cached)

US: Congress brands pregnancy as mental illness, wants expectant mothers to get hooked on psychotropic drugs. Lobbying from Big Pharma pays off. News with Views 2008 Mar 13 (Cached)

Identify and eliminate the hidden killers in your body. Share the Cause 2008 MAR 13

US: Top Admiral resigns rather than participate in attack on Iran. MSNBC 2008 Mar 11 (Cached)

China's military budget increased 17.6% past year. Epoch Times 2008 Mar 10 (Cached)

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Ron Paul leaves open door to third-party bid, unlikely to support McCain. Raw Story 2008 Mar 10 (Cached)

Bush vetoes bill that would ban a type of torture called waterboarding - to protect terrorist attacks, of course. CNN 2008 Mar 8 (Cached)

Report: U.S. used British Diego Garcia prison for torture. Jurist Posted 2008 Mar 8 (Cached)

UN approves new sanctions against Iran.
Posted 2008 Mar 8 (Cached)

TESLA INVENTS REVOLUTIONARY MOTOR (Old news from the New York Herald Tribune, 1911 Oct 15): Suppose some one should discover a new mechanical principle--something as fundamental as James Watt’s discovery of the expansive power of steam—by the use of which it became possible to build a motor that would give ten horse power for every pound of the engine’s weight, a motor so simple that the veriest novice in mechanics could construct it and so elemental that it could not possibly get out of repair. Then suppose that this motor could be run forward or backward at will, that it could be used as either an engine or a pump, that it cost almost nothing to build as compared with any other known form of engine, that it utilized a larger percentage of the available power than any existing machine, and, finally, that it would operate with gas, steam, compressed air or water, any one of them, as its driving power.

It does not take a mechanical expert to imagine the limitless possibilities of such an engine. It takes very little effort to conjure up a picture of a new world of industry and transportation made possible by the invention of such a device. “Revolutionary” seems a mild term to apply to it. That, however, is the word the inventor uses in describing it—Nikola Tesla, the scientist whose electrical discoveries underlie all modern electrical power development, whose experiments and deductions made the wireless telegraph possible, and who now, in the mechanical field, has achieved a triumph even more far reaching than anything he accomplished in electricity. (Complete article)

Dr. Doug Rokke is a career army officer who was the Pentagon's most senior DU expert during the first Gulf War. Appearing as a guest on our Reality Zone conference call, he described the illness and death inflicted on civilians, combatants, and even his own men who were assigned to clean up the mess, a task that was never completed. He tells how he was ordered to conceal this truth from the world and he confirms that Iraq did have biological weapons as early as 1990, but they came from the U.S. Army ostensibly to be used against Iran and the Kurds. The destruction of these stockpiles during the U.S. invasion in 2003 caused a deadly spill into the environment that harmed Iraqis and American troops alike. This incredibly important testimony was recorded and now may be heard on the Freedom Force web site here.


A research paper by Francisco Gil-White focusing on the fascination CFR members have for the doctrine of race superiority. (Click here)


I have been reading what you write for some time. I don't buy the oFISHYal story on 9/11 for one second. I know about the Fed. I read Creature from Jekyll Island, cover to cover. NOW, after all that, I have stumbled upon the worst possible truth I could have found. On March 9, 1933, a state of emergency was declared & the Constitution was suspended. It has never been rescinded, so we have not had a constitution in action since that day in 1933. All of the "Oath of Office" ceremony is just a load of crap. No wonder these elected representatives go along passing opressive, unconstitutional laws & don't fear being hung for treason. Are you aware of the events of 3/9/39? If so, can you tell me WHY it was done? Why it has never been undone? It is my opinion that with this being the underlying situation that we can do nothing to reverse course until the state of emergency is rescinded. Your opinion? - Nolan Parker


My view is even more alarming than yours. I am aware of the suspension of the Constitution under the War Powers Act and a declaration of emergency, but I also am aware that, even without that, the Constitution has been suspended many times since then through executive orders, legislation, and court decisions. Why has this happened? Because the elite in power who cluster in and around the Council on Foreign Relations are seeking to eliminate the United States as a free, sovereign country and merge it into a so-called New World Order based on the model of collectivism. Why has it never been undone? Because most people in America are not yet aware of this reality and, if they were, they have no power to stop it. The power centers of society, including government, media, education, even the counting of votes are in the hands of freedom's enemies. To change that condition is the goal of Freedom Force. Being informed or being outraged is not enough. Freedom Force awaits you here.

RUN FOR OFFICE! (New Jersey update)
Hello Mr. Griffin.
I am pleased to inform you that we now have three individuals (that I am aware of) running for office in New Jersey as "Ron Paul Republicans". They are:

Dr. Murray Sabrin for Senate Dr. Sabrin has received endorsement from Ron Paul.

Dan Maiullo for Congress (12th District) construction)

James Hogan for Congress (6th District)
In The Spirit of Freedom, - Tamas Hadaszy

In response to the letter by the Ron Paul supporter concerned over people carrying signs saying that 911 was an inside job, (since Ron Paul does not believe that), I would suggest that you not be concerned, as many Ron Paul supporters believe things that Ron Paul does not. Just because a supporter believes 911 was an inside job is NO REFLECTION on Ron Paul. Personally, Ron Paul is WRONG on 911. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the government's official story to have been correct. Buildings do not free fall into their footprints. 757's do not 'vaporize' as claimed at the Pentagon and Skanksville. Cell phones do NOT work above 3-5000 feet for 15 minutes while flying at 500mph, without a break in connection. These and many more things are clearly NOT POSSIBLE. O.K. Have a great day! Love, Steve.


(The following essay was sent to us by Donna Matrix. It contains a great deal of food for thought. - Ed Griffin)


There is a constant in the affairs of mankind. This constant is that most are on the bottom and only a few are on the top. The top are always few in number and regardless of the power they hold can be overthrown - with the proper tools. This organization of mankind is not good or bad, it just is. Most people tend to their daily lives and do not bother with politics. There is never a need for a large numbers of leaders. Too many leaders create chaos. No leaders also produce chaos.


The world is currently under siege by coercive and oppressive leaders driven by illusions of saving the world. Saving it for whom - you might ask. Saving it for themselves - is the answer. This plan leaves you and me out in the cold - out of the world. There is nowhere else to go, my friend. This is the last battlefield. Win here or you and your gene pool will be gone forever. Maybe you think this is good for the other guy standing over there, but is it good for you and yours?


As thing stand at present, we the people of the world with all our diversity will be annihilated by the current rulers. They will win the earth as their playground. If you do not want to be disposed of, then you will have to join the fight against the current rulers and for your continuation. We the people of the world must install a new politic force that is diametrically opposed to the current political force or else we will cease to be. (Click here for the complete essay)


MUSIC VIDEO INSPIRED BY CHALLENGE TO RUN FOR OFFICE: Mr. Griffin, After reading your newsletter, you sent yesterday I thought to myself YES!!! I would like to add my voice to yours "Get out there and run for office." In fact, I believe so strongly in what you just said that I created a song about it and filmed it in front of the White House in Washington DC and posted it on youtube. It's called "My Challenge - Raise the Bar" You can watch it here: I would love you to share this with the other members of Freedom Force for inspiration.
-Eric Proffit

See my web site at:
I am running in the Republican primary here in Texas. Even if I don't win, I can take what I have learned and apply it for next time.
Kevin George


Jondolar contributes an analysis of the battle for freedom of thought and expression (here).

Dear Ed,
I have loved your "Unfiltered News" for many years now, and look forward to reading it each week. I seldom disagree with what you include, but today's article "4000% increase in diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder in children in last 10 years. This indicates, not increase in illness, but of false diagnosis to push drug treatment. Natural News 2008 Feb 19 (Cached)" made me want to share my thoughts.

I have a child with Bi-Polar Disorder and it took years (9 years to be exact,) to get a correct diagnosis. The reason is that the DSM IV, the Psychiatrists bible for diagnosing disorders, does not include a diagnosis for Bi-Polar in children. The ultra rapid cycling and different symptoms displayed in children is not in the adult diagnosis.

The title and content of this article is MISLEADING, stating that the increase in diagnosis in children is due to false diagnosis to push drug treatment. I strongly disagree! I believe that the increase in diagnosis is due to the fact that there was NO accurate diagnosis for Bi-Polar Disorder in children prior to 1993 and so now many Psychiatrists are diagnosing without the DSM IV, based on actual current research.

The author, Mike Adams, states that "Among the conditions in children that may easily be misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder...." Well, our Dr. tested ADHD medications on my son and it made him much worse. Then he states "These children need better nutrition, not more drugs," All I have to say here is that I think Mike needs to attempt to parent a Bi-Polar child, before he makes such rash and uninformed comments. He then states "Furthermore, most of the drugs being used to treat these children have never been tested on children nor approved for use on children by the FDA." If he thinks that the FDA is a good organization that is to be trusted, then he has certainly not been reading his "Unfiltered News."

In my family, we are nutritionally healthy, eat only organic meats and dairy, eat no artificial colors, and take no other drugs, no cold medicines... only vitamins and fish oil. I am against most drugs and medications and stand right beside you in the fight against the AIDS/HIV drug therapy's and cancer treatments... But - The drug that has saved my sons life, and mine too as a parent, is Lamictal. It was originally created for other symptoms and disorders..., but is today saving the lives of many Bi-Polar children and adults alike. I do believe doctors push many drugs and surgeries unnecessarily, but to state that the increase in diagnosis of Bi-Polar in children is due to false diagnosis to push drug treatments, - that is just ignorant.

Thanks for hearing me out,
Your friend and subscriber forever,
Lisa Lacy (2008 Feb 22)


It's been an inspiring experience working within the grassroots Ron Paul movement. Now that it's reasonable to conclude that we will not win the nomination, I've been thinking a lot about how to help keep the movement together, where the movement goes next, and how that could fit in with the goals of Freedom Force. Obviously this strategy exercise would've been necessary even had we won the Republican nomination, as we know that the fight is just beginning either way.

Already, just a week past Super Tuesday, I've felt a big slump in morale within the movement, affirming what was already obvious: that most members have little understanding of the true scope and depth of the mission, and most have yet to identify the true enemy of liberty, collectivism. But if we can somehow keep the local and regional groups together and involved, the learning process will continue and more members will learn what really needs to be done to rescue liberty and the Constitution.

In Ron Paul's recent video he suggested a mass rally in D.C. to demonstrate the power of the movement. I see little benefit to this plan, and think it indicates a lack of clear direction within his organization.

What is needed is a cohesive strategy to keep the Ron Paul grassroots organized and involved, to shape it into a powerful force for positive change in society. The official campaign actually hindered efforts to recruit and support local candidates, and many of the grassroots leaders also agreed that supporting local candidates would take away from support for Ron Paul. This demonstrated to me that there isn't a larger vision in place along the lines of the Freedom Force idea, and to date I see no sign of such a vision. I see no evidence that the Libertarian Party leadership that's been in charge of the campaign will provide this in the future, either. Ron Paul is in a position, and I think is willing, to be the leader of a larger movement, but I think he needs help with the vision and the plan.

Instead of a Ron Paul rally in DC, I would suggest using the clear strength of the Revolution, the internet, and hold the first national virtual rally. Local grassroots groups across the country could gather with big-screen TVs and party & cheer just as if in DC, and it would be accessible to every member of the Revolution. There could be speeches & music, and the highlight, and main purpose, would be to unveil the master plan by Ron Paul himself...; the plan that will take back our government town by town, county by county, state by state.

This is a rough idea, and I'm simply offering it to see if it flies. If you think it's worth pursuing, or have other insights, please let me know your thoughts.
David Lamb (2008 Feb 13)


Hello David.
I agree with all that you say except that I can see some possible benefit from from a DC March because it could build morale and clearly demonstrate the massive numbers of supporters for the Constitutional message. That would be one count that the crooked voting machines could not hide. The result possibly could have an impact on un-marginalizing the movement in the minds of average citizens. In the long run, we will need their support. Let's see what others think. Thanks for your thoughts.
Ed Griffin (2008 Feb 13)


Being informed is not enough.
Freedom Force awaits you here.
Freedom Force


The Disturbing Truth about Genetically Modified Foods.

This documentary is an investigation into unlabeled, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled our grocery stores for the past decade. It gives voice to farmers who are under attack by the corporations that have created this technology. It shows the grim health implications for an unsus-pecting population and reveals how multinational corporations are seeking to control the world's food system. (More)

This documentary focuses on the growing police state in America and shows how the Bill of Rights and the Constitution literally have been cancelled by recent legislation and executive orders. With the next crisis, the President will have power to confiscate all private property including homes, cars, and money; all commercial property; all means of transportation; and can round us up into work brigades. Anyone who criticizes can be imprisoned without legal defense. Presidents now have more dictatorial power than King George had when Americans fought the Revolutionary War to rid themselves of him. This program includes a plan for restoring the Constitution without armed revolution. (More)

STALIN, MAN OF STEEL. This History Channel documentary is more than just a biography of one of the world’s most notorious dictators and mass killers. It shows how, in spite of incredible crimes against his own people, Stalin was hero worshiped by them. This was possible because the masses were easily moved in time of crisis into viewing him as the embodiment of their nation, and loyalty to country became blurred with loyalty to leader. Vital lessons for today. (More)

The New Math of American Elections
This documentary shows how the elections of 2004 and 2006 were stolen and who did it. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s the real thing! The people who perpetrated this fraud remain in place to do the same thing in 2008 – and every election thereafter. This has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. It is about controlling the electoral process so that the common citizen will never be able to break the grip of those who control both major parties. This grip CAN be broken, but only if more Americans become aware that it exists. That’s where you come in. Acquire this video and show it to your friends. (More)

Vitamin C Deficiency Is the Origin of ALL Heart Disease.
Yes, sub-clinical scurvy, caused by a lack of Vitamin C, is the origin of all heart and coronary disease. Does that mean everyone can be protected simply by taking extra Vitamin C? Not quite. The first step is to eliminate those conditions that deplete Vitamin C levels in the first place. Here is the whole story told in fascinating detail. Simply stated, coronary disease is preventable and reversible without drugs. (More)

SPOOKS, HOODS, & THE HIDDEN ELITE; Testimony of Chauncey Holt, member of the JFK assassination team.
Late Great USAThis is the confession, made eight days before his death, of a man who worked in the joint service of organized crime and the CIA. Chauncey Holt tells why the Mob and the CIA wanted JFK dead and how they carried out his assassination. One of Holt’s assignments was to create false ID papers for Lee Harvey Oswald who he knew as a CIA undercover agent posing as a Castro supporter. Holt reveals that there were several shooters, but Oswald wasn’t one of them. He was set up to take the blame and draw attention away from the real assassination team. DVD. (More)

FILES ON JFK: The confession of James Files, the man who shot Kennedy.
Late Great USASpeaking from prison, James Files tells how he was recruited by a Chicago crime family and worked with the CIA to assassinate JFK. He describes every step of the plan, names the key players, and explains their motives. The FBI claims that Files is not a credible witness; but you will be hard pressed to agree after hearing hundreds of details that only could come from intimate knowledge of the event and the players – including Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald. DVD. (More)

THE LATE GREAT U.S.A. The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada. Late Great USAWhile many people are still clinging to the belief that The U.S.will never give up its sovereignty, the process already is far advanced. This is not just a super highway between Mexico and Canada, but a total political, economic, and military merger into what will be called the North American Union, identical to the creation of the EU. Here are the chilling details of a plan being implemented largely behind closed doors by global elitists to terminate the United States. (More)

MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age. Map makers Maps of the Ancient Sea Kingsthousands of years before ancient Egypt knew locations and shapes of all the continents, even Antarctica, which today lies beneath a deep covering of ice. How did they know? (More)

Exposing Che GuevaraMYTH: Man of the people, freedom fighter, humanitarian, defender of the poor and oppressed. REALITY: Cold-blooded murderer, sadistic torturer, materialist, godfather of terrorism. You will shake your head at the brainwashed celebrities who idolize him. (More)

The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov,
KGB Propagandist.
Deception Was My JobYuri Bezmenov, the son of a high-ranking Soviet officer, worked for the propaganda arm of the KGB, known as the Novasti Press Agency. One of his assignments was to accompany journalists visiting the Soviet Union to make sure they did not discover the truth about Soviet life. After becoming disillusioned with the oppressive system, he escaped to the West at great risk to his life. In this interview, conducted by G. Edward Griffin, Bezmenov tells how the Soviets propagandized their own citizens; how he hoodwinked American journalists into publishing Soviet propaganda, how slave laborers are concealed from foreign visitors, and how he escaped to the West posing as an American hippie. Includes many photographs brought with him on microfilm at the time of his escape. (More)

An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official
Conspiracy Theory. Debunking 9/11 DebunkingAlmost half of the American people now believe that 9/11 was a false-flag operation,  engineered by the government to look like the work of an enemy it planned to attack anyway for other reasons. In the beginning, such a view was unthinkable; but, as evidence has surfaced that contradicts the official version, public opinion has turned. That triggered a spate of reports and books claiming to debunk the evidence. Here is the book that debunks the debunkers. It shows how they misrepresented data and ignored facts they cannot dispute. This book blows away the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Fiat Empire; The Federal Reserve vs. The ConstitutionFIAT EMPIRE
The Federal Reserve vs. The Constitution

This award-winning documentary shows how the Federal Reserve generates inflation, destabilizes the economy, causes wars, and enriches financial elitists at the expense of the common man. You will learn that the Fed is not a government agency but a banking cartel, and you will understand why many Americans view it as a sophisticated form of organized crime. The DVD is available in two versions: The 60-minute program and a 2-disk set including 2 hours of additional testimony from G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Ted Baehr, and Edwin Vieira. (More)

If you are looking for a great way to introduce Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, to your friends, this is it:
A Foreign Policy of Freedom by Hon. Ron Paul
by Hon. Ron Paul.
Here are 93 entries from Ron Paul’s personal journal including hard hitting position statements delivered to Congress from 1976 to the present in which he challenges the foreign- policy errors of both major political parties. Every problem now menacing the survival of the United States is predicted in these pages as the inevitable consequence of abandoning the principles of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. If we are to end terrorism and war, if we are to restore liberty and sovereignty, we must reject the bi-partisan insanity of the past 50 years and rally behind these traditional doctrines. (More)

LIBERTATEMS are one-ounce pure-silver medallions minted exclusively by Freedom Force. Each medallion features eight symbols illustrating the concepts of Libertatem  individualism as expressed in The Creed of Freedom. For an explanation of this symbolism, click here. Libertatems are a storehouse of value, a hedge against inflation, a work of art, and a teaching aid to popularize the laws of liberty. (More)

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