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This is what a police state looks like - and it's here now. Video Resistance 2008 Feb 22

Thousands of Texans protest against planned NAFTA superhighway. Raw Story 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

Former Congressman warns of martial law concentration camps in America. Infowars 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

Bush Administration unites with Al Qaeda in Kosovo. CFP 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

Pesticide found in fish processed in China. Epoch Times 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

US: Students carrying concealed guns to class for self protection. CNN 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

US: 12 states now considering permitting firearms on campus because gun-free zones, where no one can stop a crazed gunman, are the most dangerous places in America. USA Today 2008 Feb 21 (Cached)

My listing in Wikipedia is being considered for deletion because some readers have labeled me a conspiracy theorist and a promoter of quack cancer cures. These people undoubtedly are well intentioned but suffering from a severe case of knowledge deficiency. If you are inclined, please go to the Wikipedia web site and enter a statement of support. Hopefully, there will be enough of these to offset the voices of ignorance. Here's how: (1) go to; (2) click on Discussion; (3) set up a user name and password; (4) log in and submit your statement. Thank you.

Platinum prices go ballistic. Gold is not far behind. No one wants dollars anymore. Market Oracle 2008 Feb 20 (Cached)

Shanghai rights lawyer brutally beaten by police for revealing corruption at high levels of government. Epoch Times 2008 Feb 20 (Cached)

Credit Suisse (one of the world's most respected banks) announces l$2.8bn loss. Executives blame their stock traders. Financial Times 2008 Feb 19 (Cached)

4000% increase in diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder in children in last 10 years. This indicates, not increase in illness, but of false diagnosis to push drug treatment. Natural News 2008 Feb 19 (Cached)

Web site for government and corporate whistleblowers forced off the Internet by court order.
2008 Feb 18 (Cached)

US: Banks borrow another $50bn from Fed using new rules that allow bad investments as collateral. The drunk is trying to end his hangover by switching to cheap wine. Financial Times 2008 Feb 18 (Cached)

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Illinois shooter was treated with psych medications prior to rampage. This has been true in every case of campus shootings.
Natural News 2008 Feb 17 (Cached)

Loose Change - Final Cut: The video that shook the world by challenging the official view of 9/11 has been updated and expanded. More powerful than ever. Loose Change Posted 2008 Feb 17

FBI whistleblower reveals vast conspiracy at highest levels of U.S. State Dept. Dallas News 2008 Feb 17 (Cached)

US: Obama gets zero votes in Harlem districts where black population is in majority.
Clear evidence of vote fraud. NY Times 2008 Feb 16 (Cached)

Most humans now carry significant amounts of plastic (from food and drink containers) in their cells. Health consequences can be catastrophic.
Science News
2008 Feb 16 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin will speak at the 9/11 Truth-Now Conference in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday, March 15. The Conference has an outstanding list of other speakers:
● Steven Jones, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth;
Bob Bowman, Former Dir. Advanced Space Programs under Ronald Reagan;
Frank Legge, chemist, Scholars for 9/11 Truth;
David Leifer, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth;
Helen Caldicott, author of The New Nuclear Danger;
Barrie Zwicker, author of Towers of Deception;
Dave von Kleist, broadcaster, producer of 9/11 Ripple Effect and In Plane Site.
Conference details at

US: Congress lets the so-called Protect America Act expire. The act allowed the government to wiretap without warrants. They may do it anyway, but it's progress. Seminal Posted 2008 Feb 16 (Cached)

Citygroup bank suffers $30bn loss since June and now will not allow investors to withdraw their money from its hedge fund. CNBC Posted 2008 Feb 16 (Cached)

U.S. Comptroller General quits after saying the country was following the same decline as the end of the Roman Empire. Yahoo Posted 2008 Feb 16 (Cached)

Budget for President's helicopters slashed from $11bn to a mere $7bn. Danger Room Posted 2008 Feb 16 (Cached)




It's been an inspiring experience working within the grassroots Ron Paul movement. Now that it's reasonable to conclude that we will not win the nomination, I've been thinking a lot about how to help keep the movement together, where the movement goes next, and how that could fit in with the goals of Freedom Force. Obviously this strategy exercise would've been necessary even had we won the Republican nomination, as we know that the fight is just beginning either way.

Already, just a week past Super Tuesday, I've felt a big slump in morale within the movement, affirming what was already obvious: that most members have little understanding of the true scope and depth of the mission, and most have yet to identify the true enemy of liberty, collectivism. But if we can somehow keep the local and regional groups together and involved, the learning process will continue and more members will learn what really needs to be done to rescue liberty and the Constitution.

In Ron Paul's recent video he suggested a mass rally in D.C. to demonstrate the power of the movement. I see little benefit to this plan, and think it indicates a lack of clear direction within his organization.

What is needed is a cohesive strategy to keep the Ron Paul grassroots organized and involved, to shape it into a powerful force for positive change in society. The official campaign actually hindered efforts to recruit and support local candidates, and many of the grassroots leaders also agreed that supporting local candidates would take away from support for Ron Paul. This demonstrated to me that there isn't a larger vision in place along the lines of the Freedom Force idea, and to date I see no sign of such a vision. I see no evidence that the Libertarian Party leadership that's been in charge of the campaign will provide this in the future, either. Ron Paul is in a position, and I think is willing, to be the leader of a larger movement, but I think he needs help with the vision and the plan.

Instead of a Ron Paul rally in DC, I would suggest using the clear strength of the Revolution, the internet, and hold the first national virtual rally. Local grassroots groups across the country could gather with big-screen TVs and party & cheer just as if in DC, and it would be accessible to every member of the Revolution. There could be speeches & music, and the highlight, and main purpose, would be to unveil the master plan by Ron Paul himself...; the plan that will take back our government town by town, county by county, state by state.

This is a rough idea, and I'm simply offering it to see if it flies. If you think it's worth pursuing, or have other insights, please let me know your thoughts.
David Lamb (2008 Feb 13)


Hello David.
I agree with all that you say except that I can see some possible benefit from from a DC March because it could build morale and clearly demonstrate the massive numbers of supporters for the Constitutional message. That would be one count that the crooked voting machines could not hide. The result possibly could have an impact on un-marginalizing the movement in the minds of average citizens. In the long run, we will need their support. Let's see what others think. Thanks for your thoughts.
Ed Griffin (2008 Feb 13)

(This is a revision of a posting made last week in which the writer's comments were unintentionally blended with comments from others without making it clear which was which. We apologize for the confusion and hope that restoring the entire letter will make it clear.)

This march should be, in essence, The March For Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution, Led By Ron Paul, as opposed to The March For Ron Paul. The following was posted on Daily Paul this afternoon. It was met with exactly the sort of passionate division that you would expect, and it illustrates why I feel the way that I do:

How are we going to get the message out to the 9/11 Truthers (who mistakenly believe that Paul agrees that 9/11 was inside job), not to carry "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" signs at the March? If they carry signs like this, this will be shown on the news and it's what the public will focus us on if this happens. The public will generalize that we all believe that and are lunatics. This could be a nightmare for the Paul campaign. ... This is not a free speech issue. I'm aware that they have a RIGHT to carry such signs. I'm talking about PURSUADING them not to carry the signs, for the best interest of the campaign."

It is an unavoidable reality that there will be individuals who show up at this march and express controversial points of view. Even if you were able to get every single Ron Paul supporter to agree on which views should and should not be expressed (which will never happen), there will be people who show up who are not even supporters of Ron Paul. Some will even be our enemies seeking to undermine and divide us.

If it is The March For Ron Paul, there will inevitably be some Ron Paul supporters who will try to silence those who express views that they find too controversial (with the good intentions of "protecting" Ron Paul and his campaign). There will division amongst the marchers and a widespread collectivist mentality that is contrary to what Ron Paul stands for.

If it is The March For Freedom, Liberty and The Constitution, Led By Ron Paul, we will not be prone to such division and collectivism. We won't encourage this collectivist mindset where everyone argues about what hurts Ron Paul and what doesn't and who needs to be censored by the majority. Though most of the people there will be loudly supporting Ron Paul (as they should), there will not be a need for one group of people to try to silence another. There won't be a discussion about whether or not "we" should "let" people exercise their first amendment rights. Instead, we can all embrace the fact that people are exercising their God-given right to speak freely, which is a big part of what we are fighting to preserve by marching in the first place.

Adam F, Pittsburgh, PA (2008 Feb 12)


Being informed is not enough.
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Freedom Force


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An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official
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A Foreign Policy of Freedom by Hon. Ron Paul
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