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Jekyll Island

The secret meeting on Jekyll Island that led to the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve has long been the exclusive topic of historians, but now Patrea Patrick has taken that history and added the intense human drama that has been missing from this tale all these years.
Ten Days at Jekyll Island recreates that drama in stunning detail:

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A secret meeting they said did not exist. A duck hunt that never was. Men with no names drinking 80-year-old Scotch as they laid plans for nothing less that the economic takeover of the nation.

In November of 1910, the heads of the most powerful banking institutions in America boarded a private railroad car in New Jersey for a thousand-mile journey to Jekyll Island in Georgia. The bankers were told to come to the station separately and not to acknowledge each other in public. Even after boarding the private car, they were told to address each other by first-names only. It was important that no one, not even the servants on board the train, be allowed to know their last names.

The destination was Jekyll Island, a private retreat for multi-millionaires, away from reporters and prying eyes. The purpose was to participate in one of the most clandestine meeting in all history.

Ten Days at Jekyll Island brings to life the historical characters that were present at that meeting and allows them to reenact the intense drama that unfolded there and that set in motion a scheme that changed America forever.

Ten Days at Jekyll Island